Thursday, December 08, 2005

The 5 Pack: Intangibles

Intangibles: Chicago @ Pittsburgh

Hope in a game. Actually both words, hope and game, contain 4 letters with the first and remaining two of the three consonants separated by a vowel, but as this weeks Intangibles shows, a game can be hope and hope can be a game.

What do the Bears need to do to show themselves as a viable pick for the Xtra Large? Stop Jerome Bettis? No, let him score if he needs to, just win. Win Sunday against a Steelers team who is reeling from two straight losses and has had to deal with everything that comes with Bud Carson dying. The Pittsburgreuresudurge, or something to that effect, fans remember their Steel Cutain Captain you can be sure. The owners have instilled in the cities view on the team over the years a sense of loyalty. There's no Daniel Snyder lets-fire-someone-new-today-because-we're-not-winning-every-game approach, so because of that, the jutting-jawed coaching juggernaut will use the L-streak along with Bud Carson's death as a catalyst for change. A change, my friends, into playoff contenders.

However to do that, they need to get over the leagues premier defense. See how I brought it back to the Bears? Yeah, like Maxwell House, I'm good to the last drop. I digress. The Bears are trying to make a statement for themselves too, and I almost dare not talk about their 8-game W-extravaganza because as evenly balanced as this team is on the edge of a cliff, no one wants to be the ones who tips them over. I'm taking it like the Bears appear to be taking it, one game at a time, but if Chicago can win a big one on the road to a well-balanced Pitt team, then we all might forget about that and utter XL in a whisper of a draft. Eeeecccccckkkksssss EElllllllllllll. Football Field of Dreams, starring Adwale Ogunleye, Brian Urlacher, and Lovie Smith. It'll all be gone in a second though. The media thankfully, as predictable as they are, will forge on with Steelers focused panic, and probably overlook the great defensive game that Chitown (oooh I hate when people call it that) had to defeat them.

Also I feel I'm doing everyone a diservivce by not mentioning Big Ben's thumb. Surgery may be coming soon, and that's a big deal my friends.

So Pitt is the golden boy sibling the media has loved to cover for the past two years, but times are troubling and they need a win, a convincing win to show themselves as the team they once were. The Bears are the opposite. The gritty under appreciated NFC North sibling who isn't worth the ink because of the division they're in was was never suppose to amount to anything. The Bears winning a statement game? Hope. The Steelers righting the ship? Hope.

Hope in a game my friends. And with with the playoffs being only 4 games away, this could mean a collapse in Chicago's or Pittsburgh's remaining, respective seasons.

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