Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The 5 Pack: Spotted!


While you revel in Studicus's high class comedy which he so proudly strikes for us to all huddle around and keep warm to this wintery season, allow me to chime in for a brief moment and say that Pete Prisco and the CBS Sportsline people are farging dumbasses for their new Power Poll rankings.

The top ten?
1. Indy
2. Seattle
3. Denver
4. Cincy
5. NYG
6. Jacksonville
7. Tampa Bay
9. Pittsburgh
10. Chicago

Do you see what I see? You should since I boldfaced it. Eveyone talks about the NFC North, but the AFC East is absolutely abismal, so why is their division leader 8th in the power rankings? Wow, they can beat the Saints, the Dolphins, the Bills, and the Jets, but then they lose to the Chiefs? That must mean that they are powerful against sub .500 teams. Anyone could beat Buffalo by as many as the Patsys did Sunday the way that Whatchu-talkin'-bout-Willis is playing. He is averaging 47 rushing yards per game since week 6? Woah! Call the SuperBowl shirt printers and ring makers and tell them, "Not so fast my friend!" They went from 14th to 8th by winning a should-win game? That begs the question who's blowing Billy boy over at CBS?

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