Monday, December 05, 2005

The 5 Pack: Word and Deal With It.


So the Redskins (6-6 after a great game by Clinton Portis who stampeaded ahead of the Rams with 136 yards and 2 TDs to a 24-9 win) have to win 5 of 5 to make the playoffs? This is Joe Gibbs's view and around the Redskins complex in Landover, Maryland he has posters displaying weak motivational techniques -- some showing the 5 teams that have won 5-straight this season, and the other more talked about, the stronger "5-in-a-row or we won't go!" Well this Sunday scratched one game off the list, but their test has yet to come.

Oh how I wish this were the same old NFC where 8-8s were the brightest stars in the conference, but alas the Skins will be headed into their last 4 games which contain 3 NFC East teams -- 7-9 anyone? My preseason pick was 9-7 or possibly 10-6 for the Skins, but at this point the former is more doable. Washington is brilliant on their home turf (the biggest stadium in the league housing over 90,000) and will have to be. The Cowboys will be ready to play as they ride out to FedEx Field on December 18th, especially after the loss handed to them on their bullshit triplets homecoming ring of honor presentation on MNF. But the same will be said for the Skins when playing the Giants the following week. No 36-0 game here, it'll get ugly. The season wraps up at The Linc in Philly, which is a trap game. Though to make the NFC East tourney more meaningful, they'll have to get by an Arizona team who seems to be figuring out what my buddy Herm Edwards always says, "You play to win the game!" So Mr Gibbs, "5-in-a-row or we won't go?" I hope the odds are greater than that and I will be hoping for a wildcard game which if it happens may be against Minnesota or Atlanta. Boos to that possiblity.

Deal With IT! (E-mails)

Word up The Word,

What about UofL's chances in the Gator Bowl with their number two QB going up against Va. Tech -- one of the best teams in all of NCAA?

Frenchy Spinelli

Wow, good question Frenchy, but even though I hail from the Louisville area, let me say my confidence is waivering. I like Hunter Cantwell, but not the same way I like Brian Brohm. Neither matter too much in this game though. You're question is good because it's about Louisville, but sadly off the mark. UofL's D is questionable. They don't know how to contain, tackle, and they over pursue on every play. Does anyone know the stats on the plays the Better Vick gets over pursued on? No, even my Stat guys don't know, but their conclusion: great. If we come to play, which we usually do in huge games of this calibur, then we might have a chance, but it'll have little to do with Hunter Cantwell when considering the paltry excuse for a defense the Cardinals have. Overall, I think the Cards will lose. Deal with it!

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