Monday, December 12, 2005

The 5 Pack: Word!


Breaking News, Stan Van Gundy is out and Pat Riley is in. My hunch was that Pat was eying the postion since he had all he needed to reinact his Laker Championships of the 80s -- a big center, a skilled PG, and decent forward. Those describe the Heat, not the Lakers which held one of the best teams in NBA history. In my first edition of The 5 Pack I spoke of a potential Riley takeover, and even though Van Gundy is retiring for personal reasons, Pat is still in. Give the Heat a few months to get accustomed to the coaching and Eastern Conf Champisonship look out.

I look forward to another Studicus Kicker Files after the blown OT opertunity by Kansas City kicker Choker Von Missakik. Maybe he can't do it with just one, but on the flip side Jay Feely actually made a FG to beat Philly. A lot of close games all around the league on Sunday that wouldn't have had the same outcome without kickers.

Da Bears Watch (the road to seeing if the Bears will again become Da Bears)
The Bears have beaten one plausible playoff team all season (Carolina) and after the Steelers ran to kingdom come on them, will Atlanta be another loss? I think it will be a far different story than the Pitt fiasco. The Falcoms aren't power running -- nuf said. Will the bears win? Who knows, but with no Bus to bust them up, the game looks a lot better for the Orange Cs.

Redskins? Playoffs?
It seems that the Skins don't want to make the playoffs. A 17-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals is a victory, but not one that I'd like to brag about. All year we've seen teams run all over Dennis's Green Earth, and what do the Skins do about that? Yes, good job, they throw the ball and commit 3 INTs. If you aren't familiar with the lingo, an INT is a bad thing. Try to keep up. Clinton Portis and a kickoff return saved them from themselves, and with a hungry Dallas team coming into FedEx on Sunday, we all have to pray for the Skins to figure something out. A final fluke 4 minutes doesn't sound likely this time around since the world now knows about Santana Moss and Mark Brunell's scrambling attributes.

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