Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Do not adjust your monitors. This is not a test. Yes, my friends, it is indeed I, The KrilDog. It certainly has been a long time since I have graced our little slice of cyberspace with my presence but I am back after an almost month long hiatus. A lot has gone on and I've had a lot to say but no time to sit down and collect my thoughts in blog form. I hope ya'll have missed me as much as I've missed you. Big thanks to Studicus and The Word for picking up the slack in my absence and keeping this train rolling. Also have to send out a big congratulations to Studicus for getting engaged last week.

Another thing I want to mention while I am thinking about it is in regards to the blog. I think part of the reason that it seems like only 2 or 3 of us are writing regularly is because our view is a tad on the narrow side and once we talk football we have nothing else to bring. Well as far as I'm concerned, the leashes are off. No topic too big or small, no subject too controversial if it means more people contributing to the cause. So fellow TFT members, write something, dammit! Also, if you want to join the staff, email me at ( underscore between the and krildog) and I will send you an invite. It's just that simple.

And now, thoughts from The Dog:

  • Saw Walk The Line a few weeks back. Simply awesome film I highly recommend to anyone. Great acting and singing jobs by the cast. If you dug the tunes in the film then the soundtrack is a must buy.
  • Dear Downtown Athletic Club, fuck you for not inviting Brady Quinn to the Heisman ceremony. Yes, I realize that he has no chance of winning this year but you cheap bastards could have brought more players than just Bush, Young and Leinart. Bad enough there are 2 USC fucks gonna be there. Also, fuck all the coaches who jacked the Irish around on their polls and tried to screw them out of a BCS bid. Jealous assholes...
  • Speaking of Bowl games, I'm psyched for the Fiesta. Can't wait to beat some OSU ass!
Well that's it for me tonight. Be back here soon with more stuff. Have a good one and don't get snowed in.

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