Monday, December 19, 2005

An open letter to BoilerBitch...

Dear Kyle,

You fucking blow. Sit your talentless Gold and Black ass on the bench and get a good grip on that clipboard. No more of your 16 yard passing games. The only passes you are gonna be making from here on out are at drunk farm heffers in Iowa on the Bye week. You can drink JD and ogle gay guys all you want now. Hell go back to Purdue and have sex with "The World's Largest Drum" like you did in the undergrad days. And if you do, then fucking stay there. We have our answer at QB now; his name is Rex Grossman. And if he somehow gets hurt again, we still don't fucking want you fucking our team up. Hope you like splinters, fuckwad. Get comfortable, Assclown, and BEAR DOWN!

The KrilDog
Chicago Bears SuperFans - Indianapolis Chapter
"Not only the president, but the only member!"

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