Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We had the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny fucking Kaye!

Hello, friends! KrilDog here checking in from the office. I busted my ass this morning doing work and the majority of the afternoon (from about 2 on) has been spent sitting in the conference room (aka my office) dicking around on the ol' internet. I figured since I still don't have jack shit to do and it doesn't look like they are going to let me leave early (since there still need to be some finishing touches applied to tomorrow's log), it seemed like a good idea to pop in and give an update. Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas. I spent mine with the family in the Windy City making the rounds and doing the usual. Santa was very good to me and brought me many more DVD's for my collection as well as some awesome books to read. Perhaps the best gift, however, was watching Da Bears kick the shit out of the FudgePackers Christmas Day. I thought they played very well in all aspects of the game, and if not for a few Muhsin Muhammad drops the offense would have put even more points on the board than the 24 they hung on Sunday. Amazing what happens when they take out BoilerBitch and put in a real QB in Rex Grossman, huh? If the offense can keep chugging along like this, then there's no reason we can't win a playoff game or 2. Super Bowl is a big reach this year but this is a step in the right direction. BEAR DOWN BABY!

Other ramblings:

  • Best christmas song ever? Bob and Doug Mackenzie (of "Strange Brew" and "SCTV" fame) singing The 12 Days of Christmas. Coming in a close second is Blue Christmas by Elvis.
  • No news on the Artest front. His ass is still getting shipped out, now it's just a question of when and to what team. Sacto looks to be out of the running due to the Peja injury. Hopefully in the meantime Ron-Ron is doing something productive, like another rap album.
  • Can't believe the White Sox resigned Jon Garland. Good deal, but he looked to be the odd man out so Brandon McCarthy could be brought up from Charlotte full time to be a starter. Perhaps another pitcher will be on the move soon?
  • Bought the John Mayer Trio cd off of iTunes last week. DAMN! Apparently he has been taking classes at Stevie Ray Vaughan University in his free time. Hopefully he ditches the bubblegum pop bullshit and makes some more good music.
  • Speaking of good music, War Machine by KISS is friggin great. Has a killer riff that just makes you want to bash something to pieces with a baseball bat. No wonder Taz used it for his ECW entrance theme.
  • As many of you know, I had to drop some serious coin to fix the radiator and water pump in my car last week. I'm happy to report that she's running like a champ now. Big thanks again to Studicus for all of his help.
  • Speaking of case you wonder why he hasn't written in over 48 hours, he's at home on a much needed vacation. How do I cope with having the apartment all to myself? Copius amounts of Halo 2 on Xbox Live with Saucy and The Word. Plus a night light. And morphine, glorius morphine! Just kidding....about the morphine part.
Well, time for me to finish up and blow this pop stand. Catch ya'll on the flip side!


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