Monday, July 24, 2006

Bye, Pops

Note: The following is excerpted from a previous post from December of 2005. You can find the complete post here.

Rest in peace, JACK WARDEN (September 1920-July 2006)

Another death in hollywood, this time of a true screen icon.

Pops: Get a load of that mountain range!

It was this role as the wily patriach of legendary comedy team Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange that propelled Jack Warden into the public consciousness. 1998's Dirty Work was the setting for the defining role of Warden's career, with his portrayal of owner Edward O'Neil in 2000's The Replacements the only role that even came close in terms of dramatic punch and acting range. A true gentleman of the arts, Warden also appeared in less notable films with lesser stars, like 1963's Donovan's Reef with John Wayne, 1958's Run Silent, Run Deep with Clark Gable, and 1953's From Here to Eternity with Burt Lancaster and Frank Sinatra.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The ol' ballgame...

Well, it's been awhile since the first update about the workplace softball team.

We suck. That's about it. Team Biohazard is 0 - 10 on the season.

Individually, I'm not too bad, especially for not ever playing softball competitively. I'm batting 0.650 on the year with 10 singles and 3 doubles.

Playoffs are up next week; I'm sure we'll lose. Haha. That, right there, is team confidence.

Studicus' Reply problem on the Jack's Pizza. The first thing I actually thought when I woke up this morning was, "OH CRAP, I FORGOT TO WRAP THE PIZZA IN FOIL AND STICK IT IN THE FRIDGE!" Thankfully, it looked to me like you'd made it into your dinner last night, which is fine by me. I actually fell asleep in the chair yesterday afternoon. When I realized what I had done, I woke up and headed straight for bed without thinking about anything. I'm actually surprised I didn't forget to turn off the TV and stuff.

I also registered (finally) for Krildog's EA Sports fantasy football league. I can't wait until that starts!!

And why post this on TFT now when I could email this information? Oh...I guess I just feel like I should post SOMETHING!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Checking in...

Been slow around these parts the past couple days. Studicus has been feeling a tad under the weather and thus has been spending all of his free time resting in bed. And Studicus, I apologize if I wasn't supposed to indulge in the leftover Jack's frozen pizza and garlic bread that was left sitting out on the oven. Didn't want the stuff to spoil! (there's a piece left in the fridge too) Not much else going on otherwise. I do have NCAA '07 but haven't really dove too deep into it yet. Waiting to get the rosters of the internet so I can start a dynasty. But I am enjoying the game so far. Love the expanded offensive playbooks and team-specific defensive playbooks. Graphics are good and the controls seem good as well (I enjoy being able to jump the snap on D). Kicking game will take some getting used to, though.

8 more working hours and the weekend will finally be here! Plus, it's payday, meaning I won't be poor for 10 whole minutes! Got some apartment hunting to do and will also be attending the Great American Bash at Conseco Sunday night. Should be an interesting weekend. Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We take a momentary break from normal TFT-ing to bring you this political announcement...

Are we ready?

I anticipate activity on TFT will be increasing very soon.

The reason?

While walking around the Greenwood Park Mall last week, I spotted the green Notre Dame jersey with gold trim. It's an amazing piece of work, available at the local Finish Line in Brady Quinn or Jeff Samardzija or Tom Zbikowski. Then, while walking around the very same mall yesterday, I spotted ads for NCAA 2007, which, not so coincidentally, comes out today.

What does this all mean?

Simply put, football. It's just a matter of time before NFL teams hibernate in sweaty summer training camps before emerging for the season as real contenders. Just a few weeks before we're talking about the Heisman race, Touchdown Jesus, Friday Night Lights, and everything in between involving pigskins, zebras, yard markers, and even Ron Mexico.

That's when TFT really picked up steam after its inception last year, and I expect us to do the same once football begins.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm right fucking here!

Ok, so I was a day late and a dollar short. Sue me! I've been busy as well. 4 weddings in 5 weeks and a trip to Cincy with Studicus to see the Reds and White Sox in interleague play will tend to keep a person occupied. Plus, I wanted to sit back and watch Fighting Ultimate Championship Knockout unfold. Plus, there's the whole "finding a new place to live" thing. Anyways, just wanted to check in with some thoughts about the ol' Queen City and hour to my southeast. There's gotta be something in the water they drink from that area of the Ohio River. The Reds are still in contention (despite losing 8 of 9 heading into the All-Star break) and have made 2 great moves to bolster a shitty bullpen. Can they win the NL Central? Not sure, but I feel they have a good shot at the wild card if the bats stay hot and the pen stops blowing games.

While the Cincinnati water has been good to the Reds, it seems to have had an adverse effect to the football team that resides a few hundred yards south of Great American Ballpark. The team in question is of course the Bengals, or as I am now calling them, the Jail Bengals. Chris Henry has been arrested four times in the past year. Draft picks Frostee Rucker (killer name) and A.J. Nicholson both gained intracate knowledge of the California (Frostee) and Florida (A.J.) penal systems from their college days. And then they take problem child Ahmad Brooks in the supplemental draft today. How in the hell are these guys gonna help on the field if they can't stay out of jail? Has Cincy become the NFL's version of Portland? Studicus, any thoughts?

Meanwhile back home, the Sox are kicking ass and the Bulls are trying to become a contender. Is Big Ben a good addition? Yes. Did they overpay for him? Yes. Is he the missing piece? No. They still need a good scoring option in the post since you are playing 4 on 5 when you are on offense with Wallace. PJ Brown will help offset that, but he isn't a long term solution.

Not much else shaking. Got NFL Head Coach. It's not bad but takes a long time to really get anywhere with. NCAA 07 out next week, huzzah! Looking forward to my first wedding free weekend in July. That's all I got for today, catch ya'll on the flipside!

PS - Happy Birthday Studicus!

Where that Krildog at?

Update (10:19 a.m.): I just need to thank Krildog, who I had a little fun with in my post this morning, for getting me the Batman Animated Series Season 2 DVD collection for my birthday. AWESOME! By the way, pal, don't you think we need to launch & strategize OPERATION HYPERBURN so we can, you know, make backup copies of our precious movie collections?


"Coming tomorrow: The Mighty Krildog Returns."

That was written Tuesday. Today is Thursday.

According to my calculations, which have been verified, Tuesday's tomorrow was Wednesday, which is today's yesterday (everybody got that?).

I haven't seen a tantalizing tease fall so tragically short since a certain moron underdelivered on the Fighting Ultimate Championship Knockout.

Just a little good-natured ribbing, folks. I've been beating Krildog up this week, unleashing a "revelation" yesterday that I'm going to have to kick him to the curb. Krildog is being evicted. It's with a heavy heart that I do this. Don't worry, I'm not making him leave immediately. But the partnership that has endured since my junior year (his freshman year) of college must come to an end.

The formula is simple: Studicus is about to wed the future Mrs. Studicus. And Mr. and Mrs. Studicus are moving to a new apartment. To do that, we're getting out of our lease, leaving the current apartment complex (you know, where my car was broken into) behind. Since Krildog is not officially on the lease (it's non-transferable), he can't stay there anymore once I move out. Thus, he's apartment-hunting. The "official" move in date at the new place is September 15th; I'll be trying a phased move-in over a period of days. That'll give Krildog just a few more days to look.

To show I'm not a completely heartless bastard, I'm giving Krildog a decent apartment starter set, including a couch, a couple of chairs, a coffee table, some silverware, a TV, etc. The stuff is older, it's been used, but it's exactly what I started out with when I first moved into an apartment. My brother gave me much of the stuff, and it feels good to sort of "keep it in the family," so to speak.

The wedding is drawing closer and closer. We have started addressing invitations. The only two things left to do are for me to pick out the tuxes and pay the DJ (who I'm meeting with today). After those things are accomplished, and the invitations are sent, the wedding planning stage will be complete. All that remains will be the actual wedding, which will be filled with all kinds of emotions, a flurry of activity, and hopefully many happy memories.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Coming Tomorrow...

The Mighty KrilDog Returns!

Wednesday night -sometime between 7 and 11.

Lock up the women and load the shotguns!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quick Update

Wow, let's face it: TFT has been dead over the past few weeks. In my last post, I told you how the Fighting Ultimate Championship Knockout drained me a little bit. It was definitely an ambitious undertaking, but I can't help but feel I didn't see it through to its full potential. When you create something like that in your spare time, and devote a lot of energy to it, it almost becomes a part-time job. I got off schedule a few days here and there, thanks to Blogger glitches, mental glitches, and other reasons like eating and sleeping. So I apologize for that.

It's not that I haven't been creative or anything. In fact, perhaps one of the reasons I failed to stick to schedule was because I was also working on a couple of other personal projects. There's no doubt I like to write, and I produced a movie script, pretty much just for the heck of it. I have no Hollywood connections, so it will be hard to sell such a project. Not impossible, just nearly impossible! It's a comedy based loosely (and in some situations, not so loosely) on my experiences in college radio back in Franklin, Indiana. In addition to that, I also have been working steadily on a book. I'm hoping the initial draft of the manuscript will clock in at about 400 pages. Maybe I've just put too much creative energy into those projects, stifling the amount of quality material I've recently submitted for The Flying Trapeezius.

Or, it could be the fact I rented the second season of 24, a terrific show. I immensely enjoyed the first season, but the second season really raised the bar. It was absolutely fantastic. Nothing's better than a national crisis that becomes an international crisis, followed by some fairly gripping political drama. I do have to say the season lost some of its steam after the bombing plot, which was so addictive.

Hope everyone's doing well...I'll check in again later this week.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Studicus Returns!

I must apologize for neglecting TFT for about a week. I have to admit the Fighting Ultimate Championship Knockout was actually a lot more draining than I originally thought it would be. Who knew??? In addition, my car was broken into last Friday, so I've spent most of the last few days sulking over my beloved JVC stereo, which played MP3s off CDs as well as normal CDs. Why must people be so evil? The same weekend, I went to see the new Superman movie, and found myself wondering if Brandon Routh would have tried to save my car if his super-sonic hearing caught wind of the theft. Despite Lois Lane's Pulitzer-winning article (you'll get this if you've seen the film), the world does need a Superman!

As for the film itself, I'm honestly pretty split over it. The first time I saw it, I noticed a few things I didn't like (this is as SPOILER-FREE as possible):
  • Lex Luthor's'd think a reputed criminal mastermind would come up with something that didn't involve real estate, even if his father had repeatedly told him people will always need real estate!
  • The kid...I won't say anything to ruin it for those who haven't seen the movie; the kid himself wasn't annoying or anything, it's just what his role ended up turning into that bothered me.
  • Could Superman get a crown of thorns or something? I mean, the Messianic implications were pretty darn strong.
  • Who knew Kumar (Kal Penn) grew up to be a Luthor henchmen? Furthermore, all that pot must have severely impaired his vocal functions, since he has just a line or two in the film.
What I liked:
  • Brandon Routh had a good film presence, and did a nice job of playing his duel role as Clark Kent/Superman (if that's a spoiler for anyone reading this, I know where you live and I will hunt you down).
  • The guy who played Jimmy Olsen was fantastic, and I found him extremely entertaining.
  • The music; oh my goodness, it wouldn't be a Superman movie without John Williams' classic theme; be forewarned, though, it will stick in your head for days!
  • Great retro opening titles really helped set the scene.
  • Kevin Spacey was a great Lex Luthor.
I also found it pretty humorous that Marlon Brando got a screen credit as Jor-El. C'mon, the guy's already dead; does he care if he gets credited or not?

The first time I saw the movie, I had a real sense that it was unfortunately lackluster. I saw it on a Thursday night, and hadn't slept a lot. I went in with a fresh frame of mind on Saturday, and enjoyed it immensely. There are some explanations for this reaction: I was expecting a lot from the movie, and felt it underperformed the first time. The second time, I knew what to expect, and enjoyed the ride. In addition, after having my car broken into (oh yeah...whoever did it tried to steal it), I needed a hero. So there ya go. I don't mind seeing a movie multiple times; in this case, I went to see it Thursday with my fiancee and Krildog; Saturday, I went to see it with my parents.