Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A little something to put you in the holiday mood...

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Monday, December 11, 2006

CRAS Review: Week 1

Well, after 1 week in my fantasy NBA league (Ballin' In The 317) the Club Rio All-$tars went a respectable 6-3 against Bruce's Boys, good enough to finish third in the standings of the 10-team head to head league. Here's the scoring and roster breakdowns:

Roster (13 players): PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, UTIL, UTIL, 3 bench spots

Scoring: FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO

All in all I would say it was a successful week. Didn't have to do a whole bunch of wheeling and dealing to shape the roster after the autodraft. Here was the initial lineup:

(Round/Pick #)
1/4 Dwayne Wade
2/17 Amare Stoudemire
3/24 Chauncey Billups
4/37 Brad Miller
5/44 Kirk Hinrich
6/57 David West
7/64 Manu Ginobli
8/77 Al Harrington
9/84 Drew Gooden
10/97 Shareef Abdur-Rahim
11/104 Andre Miller
12/117 Bruce Bowen
13/124 Luther Head

I waived Abdur-Rahim and added Chris Wilcox from Seattle as my first move. Now that Brad Miller is back and looking strong for the Kings, SAR's number's will most likely take a hit as he heads back to the bench/part time starter role. I also sent Bowen packing (lousy fantasy line the guy is a cheap shotting douchebag) and added Luke Walton, who is having a great season shooting so far and averaging in the neighborhood of 13 points, 5 boards and 3 dimes a game.

As I said before, I won 6-3 last week, taking the duke in 3PTM (34-30), PTS (593-323), REB (206-79), AST (166-53), ST (38-21) and BLK (21-11). We didnt shoot very well from the field (.495-.521), but were pretty even from the charity stripe (.774-.783). Way too many turnovers, though (90-43). Biggest culprits there were DWade, Andre Milller, Billups and Amare, who all were in the double digit range. Other than that, I can't complain.

MVP for the week is Amare Stoudamire. True, he lost the ball a few too many times for my liking, but he lead the team in FG% and REB while being second in FT%, and BLK and third in FT%. Great week as he continues the road to recovery.

This week the CRAS face off with the last place team in the league, My Balls Your Dome. I feel pretty confident we will do well, though he has Paul Pierce and Kobe as well as the possibility of T-Mac being healthy to play. Scoring-wise they could give us a run for the money, but the CRAS hold the edge in rebounding (they are light on low post players) and assists (too many gunners).

Well, no Bears liveblog tonight as I've decided that I need to focus on the game. More stuff coming later this week...stay tuned!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Colts Observations Get Real Again

...I'm a little delayed because I'm having trouble with my wireless connection. But I am connected via a hardline now, so here we go.

I would first like to start off by thanking Krildog for his recent post. I especially like the Missing in Action poster!

I don't think the Colts showed up today...

(1:22 p.m.)

*Brandon Stokley's drop was awful
*There's no running game
*It doesn't matter if you pin the other team in bad field position if you're incapable of stopping the run
*Maurice Jones-Drew had an easy TD run
*The Colts' tackling has been absolutely atrocious, whether it's against Fred Taylor and his 76-yard run or Jones-Drew on his easy TD run

(1:24 p.m.) They got the new ESPN The Magazine! There was an article about how NFL coaches don't have the cajones to go for it on fourth down. Obviously, Crazy Jack read the article, and took it to heart.

(1:26 p.m.) Gotta know when to hold 'em. Easy pass interference call against Brandon Stokley. He's been pretty active today, although the dropped TD pass was inexcusable, along with drops by Dominic Rhodes and Ben Utecht.

(1:28 p.m.) No stretchy! Addai stretch attempt goes absolutely nowhere. Six-yard loss.

(1:29 p.m.) No dice. Manning passes to Wayne on third down, reception doesn't come remotely close to a first down. Guess we'll have to settle for the field goal.

(1:30 p.m.) Nailed it. Adam Vinatieri nails a field goal, Colts get on the board.

(1:32 p.m.) Nice grab. Jags' Lewis makes nice grab for the first down.

(1:33 p.m.) Dodging the bullet. Long ball goes a little too long from Garrard.

(1:35 p.m.) Oh, so that's why they went for it last time. Scobee misses a long field goal, giving the Colts a short field to work with. Will they capitalize?

(1:36 p.m.) Not quite. Peyton misses Marvin on the sideline, but a penalty gives the Colts a first down.

(1:38 p.m.) WHY???? The Colts use the halfback option pass on third and inches! What the hell!?

(1:39 p.m.) Block party. And the Jaguars block Hunter Smith's punt after the silly "razzle dazzle" call on third down. What in the world are the Colts doing today?

(1:41 p.m.) Bad formation. Penalty rescues Colts from giving up a nice Fred Taylor run. Defense actually stuffs Jacksonville on first down. End of quarter.

(1:45 p.m.) Stuffed! Nice tackle by Robert Mathis. See what happens when you don't overrun the play?

(1:45 p.m.) It's not delivery, it's Giordano! Matt Giordano makes a big-time play by intercepting a Garrard pass in the endzone. Now, let's do something with it, offense!!

(1:48 p.m.) REGGIE! Nice 21-yard catch by Reggie Wayne for a first down.

(1:49 p.m.) Live by the run, Addai by the run. A couple of nice runs from Joseph Addai get the Colts another first down.

(1:50 p.m.) REGGIE! REGGIE! Beautiful throw, great catch for a first down. Now the Colts are really starting to get into a rhythm. And look at that...Dominic Rhodes with a nice run. And imagine that...a Jacksonville Jaguars player is down. There's no better way to break the Colts' rhythm and give your defense a rest than to "pull a hamstring." The New England Patriots have perfected this particular method. Now, it's true...maybe there's a real injury here, but the timing certainly fits with the pattern.

(1:54 p.m.) Ah...Xbox 360 commercial. I just bought an Xbox 360, and it's pretty cool. Definitely glad I made that purchase!!!!

(1:55 p.m.) Third and short...let's not get fancy. The Colts just let Addai run straight ahead this time to pick up the first down. First and goal, Indy.

(1:56 p.m.) Touchdown Rhodes Show. Dom gets a nice run to set up a short and goal situation. Then, he hits paydirt with the TD run. This was all set up by Matt Giordano's interception. Amazingly, the Colts now have the lead. I have no idea how this happened.

(2:03 p.m.) Having a great run. Maurice Jones-Drew shreds the Colts for a couple of big gainers. Now it's Fred Taylor's turn. I was wondering why the Jags were going to the pass earlier. Another big run nets a touchdown by Fred Taylor. This is disgusting, again, and a lot of it has to do with bad tackling. It's just awful. Now, Jacksonville leads 14-10.

(2:11 p.m.) Teamwork rules. Nice block by Reggie Wayne helps Addai pick up the first down on third and long. He's such a shifty runner. Then, Peyton Manning throws an interception on a pass intended for Reggie Wayne. His sixth interception in the last four games. To make things even better, we've got what appears to be a personal foul against the Colts. Another turnover. The Colts will have to make a stop. By the way, Fred Taylor: 9 rushes, 131 yards so far.

(2:19 p.m.) Runaway. Missed tackle by Cato June helps Maurice Jones-Drew bite off a major touchdown run. Here, with the division on the line, the Colts have not shown up. All the credit in the world goes to Jacksonville. The Jaguars have committed to the run, and the Colts are powerless to stop it. They can't do anything to stop it. I know it's been the team's Achilles heel all season long, but this is just absurd. You can't turn the ball over on offense. Every possession is critical. 285 total yards for Jacksonville right now.

(2:22 p.m.) The Sack of Manning. The Colts, desperate to score before halftime, give up a sack. So now with 38 seconds left, Indy faces third and 15. This can't end well. Well, it could've ended well, except Harrison dropped the pass. That's the Colts' fourth drop of the game.

(2:28 p.m.) Scobee's Revenge. Kicker nails 48-yard field goal at the end of the half. The Colts are in major trouble.

(break for halftime)

(2:40 p.m.) Adjust this! NFL teams use halftime to make adjustments. I have done the same thing, fiddling with my wireless connection until it started to work. So I'm officially off the hardline now. I can't help but think the Colts are finished here, especially if they let Jacksonville score here on the first possession of the second half. That's going to be a tough hole to dig out of.

(2:41 p.m.) I need to vomit. The Colts are giving up 14.8 yds/carry. And Maurice Jones-Drew is going to return the kickoff for a touchdown. I actually typed "I need to vomit" BEFORE Jones-Drew scored; I was actually referring to the yards per carry. Now it's official: Maurice Jones-Drew: COLTS KILLER.

(2:47 p.m.) Drops all around. Bryan Fletcher drops an easy catch. After that, Brandon "Mr. Glass" Stokley finds himself on his back. My friend Kevin sends me a text message, commenting how awful this game is. It's Dominic Rhodes' turn to drop a pass! Punt time. If I could pick up Jumbotron C, and thrust it into a wall right now, I think I'd try it. I knew this game was going to be tough, but dear Lord, the Colts decided not to show up. It is 31-10.

(2:52 p.m.) How can I do that? I think I can make life easier by making some sort of macro so that I can just plug in Fred Jones or Maurice Jones-Drew before the phrase "makes another big run." This is like watching a competitive high school senior play basketball against a mentally challenged sixth-grader.

(2:54 p.m.) More Scobee. It's now 34-10. Our good friend Panic has already settled in; he's actually sitting right next to me on the couch. I start to think: hmm...I have an unopened bottle of champagne in the fridge. Plus some Bacardi. Hmmm...I wonder if Panic would like a shot?

(2:58 p.m.) Running nowhere. After a Harrison drop, Addai goes nowhere. Why are the Colts even trying. Dare I say it? Put in Sorgi! I forgot to mention earlier: the ageless Ricky Proehl is seeing action for Indy today. Think he'd like a drink?

(3:05 p.m.) Stop the presses! The Colts force a punt! It's the Jags' first of the day, and it comes with 7:20 left in the third quarter. I don't see much around the house to mix a drink with. I guess I'll chug the Jameson Irish Whiskey straight out of the bottle. Manning throws his ninth straight incomplete pass. Another drop, and another near interception.

(3:07 p.m.) First down, cold burning piss. The Colts get a first down. But the real story thing here is that the Irish Whiskey tastes like cold urine, yet still manages to burn the throat. Why do I know what cold urine tastes like? Well, it's sterile, and I like the taste.

(3:10 p.m.) Completely off. Peyton can't complete anything. Is he playing on Madden level with the vision cone on? Reggie Wayne, surprise, just dropped a pass.

(3:11 p.m.) Fourth and desperation. Colts go for it on fourth down and ten, decide to go deep. Of course the play had no chance. Oh...look...there's some ginger ale in the fridge. I wonder how that tastes with Irish whiskey! Wow! You can't tell there's alcohol in the ginger ale. It's like cold piss...with Splenda!

(3:15 p.m.) Ineffective. Just before the half, the Colts replaced Gilbert Gardner with Rocky Boiman. I think it's also time to pull Gary Brackett and see if Rob Morris has anything left in the tank. Brackett can't get off a block at all because he's so small.

(3:21 p.m.) Through the uprights. Scobee hits his third FG of the game, Jags now lead 37-10. Panic just drank all the Bacardi, and is now passed out on the couch. I'd offer him some food...but I don't think he's breathing. I'm sure he'll snap out of it.

(3:24 p.m.) HD Difference, my ass! Boomer Esiason just pitched HH Gregg and how great football is in HD. someone pick up the white courtesy phone and let Booms know this week's Indy-Jax game is not in HD? Of course, it would be a big waste of resources, since there hasn't been a mismatch like this since Stephen Hawking challenged Jesse Owens to a footrace.

(3:27 p.m.) Marv catches #1,000. But no one cares, because we're on the road and the score is 37-10.

(3:31 p.m.) Sneak attack. Ben Utecht catches a ball just short of the endzone, but Manning picks up the TD with a really quick QB sneak. Colts trail by 20, 37-17. Panic rolls over and asks for more Bacardi. I hand him some Smirnoff Vodka instead. I guess it's a good thing he's breathing again.

(3:40 p.m.) A stop! The Colts stop Jacksonville from picking up a yard on a run. This defense is really starting to get it. glass is empty, and I still have some Irish whiskey left. I'd better fill it back up.

(3:43 p.m.) Record breakers. Hey, we always talk about the Colts and their record-breaking offense. We never talk about their futile and awful defense, which allows opponents to churn out yards at a record pace. Panic drained the entire bottle of vodka! That's a lot of alcohol. Now he's coughing...wait...that's not coughing...that sounds like vomitting. Obviously, he's either 1) had too much to drink or 2) watched the Colts defense for too long. I think it's probably the latter. 4:38 left in the game, we know the Colts aren't coming back.

(3:47 p.m.) All too easy. Jacksonville just scored another rushing touchdown. Indy isn't giving up though. It looks like there was a fumble on the play. We'll see, because the Colts are challenging. Not that it would matter, but that was certainly not a touchdown. I guess we'll chalk that one up to the fact that, well, it wouldn't matter anyway.

(3:55 p.m.) Still out there. I wonder why Peyton Manning is still out on the field in ultra-garbage time. Seems kinda stupid. Especially since he's forcing every throw, which is getting dropped or nearly intercepted. Some days you've got it; some days you don't. The Colts definitely don't have it today.

(4:00 p.m.) Just end it already. Colts turn the ball over on downs after a late game drive. Now we're at the two-minute warning. Mercifully, the clock just ran out, and the game is over. Final score: 44-17. It's time to fire the whole team, losers of three out of their last four games.

I have to hand it to Jacksonville: after years of running their mouths and talking about how they were the class of the AFC South, they finally actually showed something. Emphatically showed something, by the way. The Colts have to be shocked by this loss, and the way they couldn't do anything to stop the Jaguars. I'm disgusted. By the way...where did Panic go? I guess he slipped out the back door.

Friday, December 08, 2006

An Update From The Mighty KrilDog

Yeah, I've been extremely negligent in my duties here at TFT. I'm lucky Studicus can't fire my lazy ass. Last time I made a post was October 20! To be fair, I have had a lot going on at work and have also done quite a bit of traveling, including trips to South Bend (for ND/UCLA) and 2 trips back to my beloved Chicago (1 for a wedding and 1 for Thanksgiving). There have been many a days where I'll get an idea for something while I'm at work and then by the time I get home, I'm too tired/hungry/unmotivated to sit at my computer and hammer one out. Many a time I fall victim to the siren call of the Xbox. I'll be out of town again this weekend, but here are some thoughts I've been wanting to express:

  • Monday night is make or break for Grossman, if he has another bad game on the road, then it is time to make a QB switch.

  • It's gonna really suck for the Bears' D if Tommie Harris is done for the year. This is a bigger blow to us than losing Mike Brown in the secondary. Harris was the centerpiece of the front 4. This puts more pressure on Tank Johnson to step up and most likely pushes Alfonso Boone into the other starting spot. I would also expect more frequent rotations of personel, meaning increased snaps for Antonio Garay and Ian Scott in order to keep Tank and Boone fresh. If I'm Lovie Smith, I'm going to be doing a lot blitzing of the edge with my OLB's to pass rush Marc Bulger and dropping Urlacher into coverage to shore up the middle against Stephen Jackson.

  • I'm considering liveblogging Bears/Rams Monday night game this week, though I fear it may just be long strings of profanity and insults should the game not go well. We shall see how the weekend and workday Monday go.

  • I do plan on posting m0re in the future. I have a good list of Failed Celebrity Endorsements that I want to write. Some of them may be dated and obscure, but like that's stopped me from writing things before.

  • Another new feature I'm going to make a regular is my Fantasy NBA update. The league I'm in just drafted last weekend and started play last Monday. I figure at the very least I can do a post every week going over the past week's results and such. I'll give it a trial run Monday or Tuesday to recap the draft and first week of action. My teams name? Why, its the Club Rio All-$tars. Pretty catchy, huh?

  • Big ups to the Notre Dame basketball team, as they upset #5 Alabama in South Bend. Go Irish!!! Wins like that (and the Maryland win last week) really help the tournament resume, even this early in the season.

  • Don't be surprised if the Colts fall to the Jaguars this weekend. Lousy weather in Jacksonville means plenty of touches for Fred Taylor and Maurice jones-Drew. Not a favorable matchup for the Colts' D. Plus, as Vince Young showed last week, running QB's (like David Garrard) can give the Indy front seven fits. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but I'm saying there's a significant chance it could.

  • Studicus has an Xbox 360. Lucky bastard. Coupling that with Jumbotron C should provide him with endless hours of entertainment.

  • NFL is being way overprotective of the quarterback. Here should be the rule: no hits to the head, no hits below the knee , no deliberate bodyslams, no leading with the helmet and if the QB throws the ball and you are in the process of making the tackle (meaning 2 steps or less) there's no flag as long as the hit is legal. Time to quit babying the golden boys and let the players play, NFL!

That's it for me. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Colts real time

Real-time Observations, Courtesy of My Wife's New Laptop PC...(Borat would says, "It's niiiiiiiice," then go watch the Running of the Jews)

(1:00 p.m.) The Eraser. Oh boy. Dan Dierdort watched the Colts-Pats game from a few weeks ago. Now, he's calling Bob Sanders the Eraser. Gee...I bet we WON'T hear that nine times today.

(1:15 p.m.) Rhodes Warrior. Hey...did the Colts forget Joseph Addai? Look at that! Dominic Rhodes can still play!

(1:20 p.m.) Darn it, Marvin! Dierdorf just remarked that you'll hardly ever see Marvin Harrison drop a pass. Ah...but #88 just hasn't been himself over the past few weeks. I shuddered when, on 3rd and 1, the Colts lined up with a five-receiver set. Why not just go ahead and run it? This is what happens...interceptions.

(1:22 p.m.) Mighty Mite! Jason David, the Colts' resident "short corner" made a fantastic pick. I understand the sentiment on challenging the play from Jeff Fisher, but it wasn't even close.

(1:31 p.m.) I call dropsies! Harrison drops a pass again, Dierdorf remains captivated.

(1:32 p.m.) Marvelous Again! Manning-to-Harrison make their 100th TD connection, all the world is right again, and Dierdorf remains basically says, "Now that's what I'm talkin' about, bitches!" Colts take a 7-0 lead on a long completion. Great defensive call, Titans!

(1:36 p.m.) Simply Sanders. Great tackle by Bob Sanders on a draw play for a one-yard loss. You've been erased.

(1:38 p.m.) Scrambled legs. Vince Young makes a nice scramble, turning 3rd and 4 into a nice first down.

(1:39 p.m.) Go eat the fruit. Pac-Man Jones enters Titans offense. Draw play gets stuffed by the Colts. Five yard loss.

(1:41 p.m.) Driving with Sanders. Hey, you can't drive quarterbacks into the ground. But if you're Bob Sanders, you can slam Brandon Jones to the turf. Ouch.

(1:45 p.m.) Power Pellet shortage. Dear Lord, no! Pac-Man is down!! Inky, Blinky, & Co. got to him!

(1:48 p.m.) Carted off. Author feels tinge of guilt as Power Pellet-less Pac-Man gets carted off. Phase passes quickly.

(1:49 p.m.) Fake beginning. Also known as a false start...again. It's the Colts' third of the day. 3rd and 1 is now 3rd and 6. But it looks like Manning and Harrison saved the day...getting the first down.

(1:53 p.m.) Fancy Footwork. Falling Manning gets first down screen pass to Addai. Wowedy wow wow wow.

(1:57 p.m.) Head Stompin' Good Time. Offsides, Albert Haynesworth. Look out in the red zone, Colts. That's where Albert leaves people in stitches.

(1:58 p.m.) Rhodes Reversal. Dominic looks absolutely like a Pro Bowler today, showing some power as he works his way into the endzone. 14-0 Colts.

(2:09 p.m.) Pac-Man returneth. Beautiful play by Pac-Man as the Titans push deeper into Colts territory. A couple of nice scrambles by Vince Young have set up this drive. All guilt about Pac-Man's injury is now gone.

(2:15 p.m.) Boot it, baby. Rob Bironas nails a short field goal as the Titans score their first points of the ballgame. Score is now 14-3. Papa John's Superman Pan Pizza commercial runs again. I have a feeling I'll be mentioning that again.

(2:18 p.m.) Who the hell is that? Close up of Dierdorf and Gumbel reveals creepy looking guy with binoculars. Is he their security? Spotter? Diabolical dealer of death? The world may never know.

(2:20 p.m.) Hustle! Hustle! Colts try to strike again before halftime. 40 seconds left, one timeout remaining, ball on Colts 36.

(2:22 p.m.) And we're spent. Keith Bullock interception ends Colts' drive. This one was Peyton's fault, and a great play by the Titans linebacker. Now, it's the Titans' turn to score some points at the end of the half. This team has to do a better job of taking care of the ball.

(2:26 p.m.) The other white Drew. Not Drew Bledsoe, but Drew Bennett comes up with a big-time TD grab. Or does he? Play will be reviewed. Will someone please tell Dierdorf they're reviewing spot of the ball, and not possession? Thanks, Greg Gumbel. Dierdorf is on top of it. Glad he's so quick on his feet. Bottomline: DON'T TURN THE BALL OVER, INDY!

(2:29 p.m.) And the call stands. Titans cut deficit to 14-10. Uneasy feeling seeps into the collective consciousness of Colts fans. Dierdorf orally pleasures Vince Young from the booth, which I thought was physically impossible.

(2:33 p.m.) Wiiiiiiiide Right! 53-yard field goal attempt sails right from Adam Vinatieri. Somewhere, obnoxious drunken Colts fan reminds everyone that Mike Vanderjagt is now available on the open market before being unceremoniously beaten to a pulp. Colts enter halftime with 14-10 lead. Colts fans everywhere start to get a little uneasy.

(2:35 p.m.) A new sitcom? Holy Lord, Shannon Sharpe is doing the highlights. It's like watching (or listening) to a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob. PLEASE STOP.

(pause for halftime)

(2:51 p.m.) Grudge Match! Pass is intended for Ben Hartsock, the former Colts tight end. Vince Young makes a major scramble. I've only got one thing to say to the defense: SWEEP THE LEG.

(2:54 p.m.) Action Jackson. Marlin Jackson gets endzone pick, right on cue, after praising Vince Young, Dierdorf comments, "And that's why Vince Young is still a rookie."

(2:58 p.m.) Incredible. What a catch by Marvin Harrison. He's had a great day, and looks like he's done with last week's moping performance. By the way, I have a big urge for a blue raspberry Mr. Freeze. Wait...I think it's because of the Titans' all-blue uniforms.

(3:03 p.m.) Rusty? Brandon Stokley drops the ball, Colts are forced to punt. Brandon hasn't been out on the field much lately, so I guess he's just not used to playing and catching the ball with contact. Like that's an excuse.

(3:06 p.m.) Absolutely awful. Terrible overpursuit by Colts defense (as usual) allows Titans to get out of field position hell with a huge run from Travis Henry.

(3:10 p.m.) Running gag. Young runs again. And again. And again. I suggest another time: sweep the leg (if you can catch him).

(3:12 p.m.) Apocalypto. Hey...a Mel Gibson film! Man, I could use a drink...

(3:21 p.m.) Too easy. Third and goal, Colts give up an easy touchdown pass from Vince Young to Brandon Jones. My uneasiness as a Colts fan grows...but at least Peyton Manning is on the TV for a MasterCard commercial. Hey...look...another VW Jetta commercial. I don't see the logic of scaring people to death with these stupid "crash out of nowhere" commercials that try to prove the point that the Jetta is safe. To me, it says, "Be a careless driver if you're in a Jetta, because our car is safe and you won't get hurt!"

(3:25 p.m.) Complete dejection. Colts' answering drive goes nowhere despite great catch and throw from Bryan Fletcher and Peyton Manning. Colts have to have a stop or a turnover. NOW.

(3:32 p.m.) Stop the run already. Huge run by Travis Henry puts Titans at 200 yards on the ground. This is brutal. I don't care if a lot of these yards are from Vince Young scrambles, the lack of run D will bite the Colts in the end.

(3:38 p.m.) Oh thank the Maker! Peyton hits Marvin for a huge gain, giving the Colts great field position, and a chance to win or tie. Let's hope Indy takes care of the ball, which is now at the Titans' four-yard line. Great run by Addai makes it first and goal on the two. Poorly designed, long developing run goes nowhere.

(3:41 p.m.) Are you kidding me? Ben Utecht gets called for offensive pass interference. Touchdown nullified. Now, Manning misses Reggie Wayne on second down, and the Colts face a third-and-goal situation. Oh boy.

(3:43 p.m.) Scrambling Peyton. A questionable lateral ends the Colts' chance for a touchdown, Indy blows a golden chance and has to settle for a game-tying field goal. Now the defense must come up with a stop, or we're in for a whole week of SportsCenter Vince Young puff pieces.

(3:57 p.m.) It all comes down to this...Rob Bironas will try a 60-yard field goal to win the game. He nailed it.

So...cancel the Vince Young puff pieces. We'll be hearing about Rob Bironas instead. Final score, Titans 20, Colts 17. Colts stand 10-2 on the year as their defense and offense both let them down in critical situations. Of course, that kick from Bironas was a bit of a miracle, but a loss is still a loss.