Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Evening

Yes, I recorded the Game.

And yes, that's exactly what I'm watching once I get off work. You can bet on that.

I didn't get a proper night's sleep after the Super Bowl. I don't usually get a good night's sleep on Sunday anyway, but when the game and the post-postgame show end at 11:00 p.m., and you're a hungry Colts fan trying to bask in the moment, well, you'll sacrifice some sleep. After all, the "oh my gosh we won the Super Bowl" high stays with you for several hours.

This was a strange game. There's no doubt about that. The Colts checked just about every little detracting factor off the list. Soft? Check. Can't win in the elements? Check. Can't win the Big One? Check. All of that is in the past.

Dungy got his trophy, and so did Peyton. I couldn't be any happier for the both of them.

The game was such a team win, it was hard to pick an MVP. Manning had a nice game, no doubt, and did a good job of protecting the ball. He let the running game dominate, and threw a bunch of underneath passes. He had several key completions, but directed the offense to two touchdowns. Boasting a single TD pass (as big as it was), Manning obviously won this award because of the difficulties he's faced just getting there. If the Colts didn't use two running backs, then I think Addai or Rhodes would've gotten the honors. Either one would've arguably made a fine MVP, even in the two-back system. The offensive line had another terrific game. The line's dominance has been a key component of the Colts' postseason run. I know you can't give it to multiple players, but that unit played about as good of a game as anyone.

Defensively, there were several stars as well. Bob Sanders was all over the place (I saw a great quote the other day: 75% of the world is covered by water, the other 25% is covered by Bob Sanders), making an interception and forcing a fumble. Gary Brackett made some key tackles, and did a good job against the run. Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney, and Anthony McFarland had good games, though probably not MVP-worthy performances. And Kelvin Hayden made one of the biggest plays of the game, sealing the deal with an interception TD return. That play alone could have been enough to earn the MVP.

Watching the victory "parade" and the celebratory rally on TV yesterday was awesome. There's a large part of me that would've like to have gone to the festivities in person. The cold didn't deter me; instead, it was the lack of sleep. I referred to it earlier in this post. I just couldn't go downtown to spend a bunch of hours waiting for the Colts to come. It would've amounted to about a six-hour event for me. Since the parade was supposed to start at 4:00 p.m., I would've arrived around two, because I'm always early. But the parade got delayed until about six, and the speeches didn't start in the Dome until seven. It would've all been over around eight or so, plus there would've been traffic to worry about. I was already working on very little sleep. If you're wondering, I couldn't take any days off because I work in TV, and we're in the February Sweep. I'm also not the kind of person just to "call off," even if it's the greatest thing ever.

Watching it on TV was just as gratifying (and a little warmer, too!). It was nice to see the guys bundled up and interacting with the fans on big floats. The lead float with Dungy, Polian, and Irsay on top reminded me (for reasons I'll never be able to fully explain) of the courtroom scene in Star Trek VI with Kirk and McCoy. Again, I have no idea why. Manning's speech was very short, but I'm sure he's talked enough as it is. He still stole more screen time than Harrison!!!

The defense chanted "REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT" last night, but I don't know if that will happen. The Colts lose a ton of players, and don't have much cap room. So I don't see how they're going to be able to keep everyone on the roster. Key players like Freeney, Cato June, Nick Harper, Rob Morris, and Dominic Rhodes are unrestricted. Restricted free agents include Jason David, Jake Scott, Ryan Lilja, Ben Utecht, and, oh dear Lord, cancel the season, JIM SORGI.

But that's looking ahead too far. It's time to enjoy the moment, right?

I'm going to buy my championship hat and t-shirt today.

And tomorrow, I'll figure out how to keep TFT puttering along without having Colts stuff to talk about.

Okay, I settled for the hat and the hooded sweatshirt.

I'm giving the t-shirt to my wife.

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saucy said...

Yea, dad and I got to Indy around 3pm and saw thousands walking into the dome and decided to go in instead of waiting for the parade outside. It was a good thing too because the dome was filled around 4 pm and they started turning people away. I definitely understand being tired and not wanting to get out. This has been a great season. Go Colts!