Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Play-In Game Liveblog, Part 1

7:40PM - Eagles up 9-2, prompting a Rattler TO. Fisher already has 7 points and 4 boards. Very fast paced game so far. Lavin mentions how Niagara has been off for 8 days and it shows in how crisp they are executing on the offensive end. Erin Andrews did something different to her hair tonight, and might I say it looks spectactular.

7:47 - Apparently Pontiac is going to be pimping convertibles this year during the tourney. Eagles are up 12-4 and ESPN shows FAMU's winning play from the MEAC tourney. It looks strikingly similar to the play that allowed T.F. South to beat Eisenhower on the road my sophomore year...ah memories. Rattlers are ice cold from the field and the charity stripe so far.

7:51 - First pimp for the NIT (which starts today)...and I could care less. Would still rather watch that than women's hoops, though.

7:52 - 17-7 Eagles and Lavin compares the tournament selection committee to the jury from 12 Angry Men. Well, yeah, if the jury was on the take! I think his combination of hairgel and Grecian formula has finally managed to penetrate his brain. Then he and the other talking head discuss giving each region a play-in game. Might I add that this is a lousy fucking idea? Let's cheapen the tourney even more and exploit the great sport of basketball for more money b/c Miles Brand and his merry band of assclowns don't make enough $ as it is!

7:55 Media timeout with Eagles still up 17-7.

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