Friday, August 24, 2007

"Air" Jordan Helps Cards Soar

Grab Air: Joe Jordan grabs a 53-yard pass in the
first quarter of BSU's blowout against arch-rival Ohio State

MUNCIE, Ind. - You've got to hand it to Joe Jordan: the freshman tight end sure knows how to put on a show.

"Ah, it's nothing man. I just go out there and make plays," Jordan modestly admits while toweling himself off after a quick, warm shower.


How about a Ball State record 305 yards receiving?

How about 12 catches in his second career game as a Cardinal?

How about three more touchdown grabs, bringing his season total to six?

How's that for nothing?

"Really, dude, it's cool. Peyton, er, (quarterback) John (Manning) and I spend hours together late at night perfecting that onfield chemistry. Just lots of in and out routes, you know?"

The dynamic duo is certainly turning heads around the NCAA. NFL teams are noticing how big Jordan plays. Like the 53-yard catch he made while towering over three Buckeye defenders?

"He (Manning) should never have thrown that ball," BSU Coach Matt Adams said. "But hell, if Jordan's gonna keep catching those, I guess it's okay. Just wish that arrogant little piss would start reading coverage instead of running to his security blanket. And I'm talking about Manning."

Through two games, Peyton's little-little brother has been nothing short of spectacular. His performance against Ohio State will become the stuff of legend: 24-28, 455 yards, 6 touchdowns. It's the kind of performance that helps a team clobber a much-hated rival, 42-21. And, unlike last game, not a single pick for the Heisman hopeful. On the season, he's 43-54 for 812 yards, ten touchdowns, and a single interception.

"I'm just taking what the defense gives me," Manning insisted. "Except when, well, nobody's open. That's when I chuck it deep to Joe. Coach hates that."

No one seems to be able to cover Jordan at the tight end spot. Ohio State triple-teamed him, and the big target still came up with huge grabs.

"Just too many weapons out there. We could drop 11 guys and Jordan would still catch the damn ball," an embarrassed Jim Tressel admitted. "Swear to God, just give me Michigan every damn week instead of that freak. I heard he runs the 40 in 4.3 seconds. He's goddamn 6'5"! Christ our Savior, what do you do against that?"

Shrivel like little girls, coach.

So far, the Cardinals have faced off against two ranked Big Ten squads. So far, they've owned their opponents.

"I feel sorry for every MAC team that's going to take it up the ass," Tressel lamented while tugging at his sweater vest. "But thank the maker they're not in the Big Ten. No one would stand a chance."
Up next for the Cardinals: #2 ranked Texas A & M at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas.

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