Friday, September 07, 2007

Colts Observations, Week One

Football is back, baby! The Colts looked pretty darn impressive last night. It was nice to see...

Thursday the Sixth: Jason Returns, Gets Burned Alive. It was a horror movie for former Colts corner Jason David. He reminded fans early why they had a love/hate relationship with him: he got burned by Harrison for a touchdown, then stripped Reggie Wayne and returned it for a score. He had a similar pattern of good Jason/bad Jason while in Indy. Of course then he got burned repeatedly in the second half by Colts wide receivers. For many people, like my friend Bill, it all had a familiar ring to it. We saw Jason David get burned a lot.

Banner day. I heard Irsay say something along the lines of "the banner will remain here forever." And then I thought, wait a second...they're tearing the RCA Dome down really really soon! Forever really isn't as long as it used to be!

It still counts...Robert Mathis' "sack n' strip" in the fourth quarter was about as cheap as they come. He barely batted the ball from Drew Brees, who fumbled it, and then Mathis jumped on top of it. But, hey, it still counts, right?

It's not delivery, it's Giordano. I swear this is the truth: I saw Matt Giordano make a tackle on the field, and I thought to myself: if I were to get an odd-ball Colts jersey that few people would have, I'd get #43, Matt Giordano. What happened after that was just scary: Giordano picked off Drew Brees' pass and scored an unnecessary but entertaining 83-yard touchdown in garbage time. Love that guy.

Addai Another Day. I was totally freaked out when Joseph Addai went down on the first play from scrimmage. I was reassured when I saw the replay: there was no knee buckling, ankle rolling, or helmet-to-helmet contact. I knew he'd be okay, but man, did he take a shot! Of course, he came back into the game and had 100+ plus yards and a touchdown. It's just bad when it's the kickoff game and Kenton Keith's already in during the first quarter.

Watching history. It's awesome to know that every time we hear Manning-to-Harrison, it's something historic. Great to see the first TD of the year go to #88. And what a fine catch it was.

That Wayne guy's not bad either. Reggie Wayne is a great complement to Harrison, and he's gotten scary-good. He scored three touchdowns in the game, one was for the Saints. But Wayne did everything else so well the rest of the game, he almost made up for that bonehead play. Almost.

And then The Madden thundered something almost insightful. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Madden most of the time. And this year he didn't so much as utter the phrases "WHAM! Block" or "The Eraser." But he did have a big compliment to hand out on the national stage, calling Jeff Saturday the MVP of the Super Bowl run. That's high praise from a former guru coach and offensive lineman. And, as I mentioned, almost insightful.

Keiahoed Up. Well, looks like the Colts plug-and-played the weakside linebacker position yet again. This kid looked like a stud, flying around, hitting people and making big plays. There was the time he pushed an offensive lineman into Reggie Bush to stop him in his tracks, a lot of big hits, and even an interception. Who's Cato June?

Picking up where they left off. I was very impressed with the defense. While you can argue whether the talent is better or not, I sure thought Indy lost a lot of experience on defense. But there was no problem replacing the corners, a weakside 'backer, and a Big Booger. I hope the unit is able to keep it up all season. Good to have Bob Sanders back and healthy.

Ben there, done that. Hey, was anyone else surprised to see Ben Utecht hold onto the ball after he got popped early in the game? I for one was pretty surprised. After all, Ben has dropped his share of passes over the past few seasons.

Pitchman Peyton. If you watched the game, you saw a distinctive trend: the NFL plans to air three types of commercials this season: one with Mellencamp singing "this is our country," one featuring the NFL shield, and the most popular of them all, something, anything with Peyton Manning. But hey, at least those Priceless Pep Talks are pretty much, well, priceless. Still, what the hell was with the commercial featuring Dolphins swirling around Harrison. Oh, don't worry, I get it. But that doesn't mean it's not stupid.

Getting Robbed. Man, how can you not feel good for Rob Morris? Derided for most of his career because of his high draft pick-status, released and reassigned to special teams at the league minimum. Yet, through it all, he hung with the Colts, even if they didn't want to hang with him. He's found his place at strongside linebacker, and he was everywhere Thursday night.

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