Monday, September 24, 2007

Colts Observations, Week Three

Houston, we have liftoff or We love to Addai and it shows. One of the most breathtaking and amazing plays of the year came courtesy the Colts' very own Joseph Addai. The second-year pro launched himself into the endzone for a short TD run that included some major hangtime. I watched the game this week with KrilDog and his roommate, and wow, we were amazed.

Drops of Gonzo. That Gonzalez kid is quickly becoming a part of the Colts offense. There's only one problem so far: he has the tendency to drop the ball. He missed out on a couple of huge plays because of this. One thing I like about Manning, though, is that he didn't hesitate to throw right back to Gonzo, even after the drops.

Omniscient? Nah, just lucky. At the end of the game, when the TV announcers were talking about how the Texans needed to get the ball to the sideline, and could possibly run two or more plays, I said it could end real quick-like with a sack. Robert Mathis comes around the left side, and BOOM! Game over, man. Game over!

Clock killing 101. Last week I bemoaned the Colts' decision to throw the darn ball while trying to run down the clock. It resulted in some incompletions and left too much time on the scoreboard. This week, they ran the ball. When the Texans got the ball back, they didn't have any timeouts or time to do anything. That's exactly what Indy should've done last week vs. Tennessee.

Stump the Schaub. It sure is easy to say the Texans got the better end of that Matt Schaub deal. I like the kid; he looked really good for Houston. He was pretty hard to sack, too. The Colts put pressure on him, but had a hard time bringing him down (though the D did force some fumbles that Houston recovered). Still, nice to get a couple of interceptions from linebackers like Gary Brackett and our favorite red-headed stepchild of an outside linebacker, Rocky Boiman.

Not quite clicking yet. As we've seen several times, the Colts offense isn't quite in midseason form. They looked great on their first couple of drives, but Peyton missed a few throws, including a high toss to a wide-open-in-the-endzone Marvin Harrison. That doesn't happen often. Bob Kravitz wrote today that this Colts team is better than last year's. On defense, that certainly seems to be the case. We'll see how it holds up over the next few weeks.

Bad start. Visions of Super Bowl XLI when the opening kickoff was returned for a TD. They stopped Jerome Mathis on the first play of the game, but a stupid penalty nullified that. On attempt #2, a squib, Mathis came up big. Definitely not how you want to start off any game, especially one on the road. Thankfully, a long, measured drive tied the game right back up.

Big hitters. This year's defense sure as heck likes to hit. Whether it's Kelvin Hayden, Bob Sanders, Tyjuan Hagler, Freddy Keiaho, Matt Giordano, Antoine Bethea, or anyone else, the Colts know how to make people go down. And the run defense? 40 yards on 17 attempts for a meaty 2.7 average per carry. I realize Ahman Green went down early, but that's still impressive.

Hall of a Killings. I thought Roy Hall took the brunt of the collision with Cedric Killings. After seeing the replay several times, I still think Hall should've been the one knocked out because it looks like he took a lick on the helmet. I sure hope Killings gets healthy again.

Dialin' up DC. Dallas Clark had another TD grab to go along with three other catches. Manning didn't focus on the tight ends this week like he did against Tennessee. Then again, he didn't have to. Really liked the Colts' game plan this week. They really mixed it up and kept Houston guessing.

Protect the franchise. Amobi Okoye had a sack. For the most part, though, the Colts did a much better job of keeping #18 clean this week.

Workhorses. Gary Brackett had a solid game, finishing with 9 tackles. That's pretty good. Marlin Jackson also kept busy...he had 15 tackles on the day. A lot of those were in pass coverage, some were in run support.

Rushing to return. I saw a couple of nice kick returns fom T.J. Rushing, including a big 47-yarder that set up a field goal.

Special again. Welcome back, Adam Vinatieri. After taking us on a trip to the Bizarro World, #4 got his act together and showed us why he's one of the best kickers in league history.

On that note...The Colts left some points on the board again this week. The defense was stout enough to cover for it, however. I'd just like to see the horseshoes come up with a few more touchdowns in the red zone. It'll come, it'll come.

And I realized, hey, I'm so all about Halo. Krildog has me all hyped up over the release of Halo 3. After years of Xbox gaming by myself, I'm taking the leap to Xbox Live Gold. And I'm going to play the crap out of Halo 3!

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