Sunday, September 16, 2007

Colts Observations, Week Two

Not so special teams. A blocked XP, a field goal that was for all intents and purposes blocked, and a "wide left" from Adam Vinatieri. Not very special at all.

Throwing the game away, almost. I don't want to question my favorite all-world quarterback. I will anyway. Why in the world are the Colts throwing not once, but twice with less than two minutes in the game remaining? Is Joseph Addai such a crappy alternative? Run the ball, make the Titans burn their timeouts, and let the defense do its job with less time on the clock.

Opportunities lost. Five red zone trips, one freaking touchdown. You have to give a lot of credit to the Titans defense. But this game should've never been this close, should've never needed a heroic stand from the defense at the end.

Those boys and me are tight. 12, count 'em, 12 receptions for tight ends Dallas Clark and Ben Utecht. Peyton loved hitting the big guys. And, no reason for caution, yes, Ben Utecht did fumble.

Dierdorf and Peyton sitting in a tree, P-A-S-S-I-N-G. Listen, I love Peyton Manning, even when he frustrates me (like, say, at the end of the half). But Dan Dierdorf's awestruck treatment of Peyton was getting on my nerves. He was mouthifying #18 something fierce, and everytime Peyton completed a pass, I got the uncomfortable feeling that something was stirring in Dierdorf's loins.

Short stuff. Saw a lot of Tim Jennings today. He finished with five tackles, but his height made him a liability. Not that the other corners are that big, but Jennings looked awfully tiny out there.

Upon review, it was lack of effort. First time I saw Peyton's interception (breaking a streak of 190 consecutive throws without a pick), I thought Reggie Wayne pulled something, explaining why he didn't finish his route or go after the intercepting defensive back. Now I know what happened: Reggie got bumped, didn't like it, wanted a flag, and pretty much gave up on the play. I hate it when my team sulks.

A lot of drops. Marvin dropped a key pass (although the situation shouldn't have warranted a passing play) and Dallas Clark dropped several, including one that would've given the Colts some breathing room from their own endzone.

Super subs. Tyjuan Hagler and Rocky Boiman did an admirable job filling in for Freddy Keiaho and Rob Morris. I still can't wait to have the starters back in their normal positions.

Bob Sanders: Sacks Machine. The Hitman was everywhere, and the Colts moved him around a lot on defense. He finished with 2 1/2 sacks and more big defensive plays than you can shake a (hit)stick at.

Forever Young. Well, Dan Dierdorf loves Peyton. But he loves Vince Young, too. I thought the Titans QB played a pretty well, even showing some nice touch on a couple of passes. He had his share of misfires too, and the dude simply won't go down. It's like McNair, only he's younger and I don't hate him yet.

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