Monday, October 01, 2007

Colts Observations, Week Four

But at what cost victory? Sure, the Colts beat Denver 38-20, and sure it was laughable by the end. However, five pretty big-time Colts players suffered injuries: Marvin Harrison, Rob Morris, Joseph Addai, Bob Sanders, and Ben Utecht. We've got strained and bruised knees, banged up shoulders, broken ribs...a cornucopia of injuries. Some look serious, others don't. Let's just hope this doesn't come back to haunt the Colts down the road.

A really bad run. Colts looked pretty bad on run defense in the first half. A lot of missed tackles, overpursuit...the kinds of things that made the defense a complete joke last year. Even All-World Bob Sanders was missing tackles left and right. They cleaned it up in the second half, thankfully. To be fair, the Broncos did give the Colts a lot of interesting looks and formations.

Ready to run. Kudos to the offensive line for controlling the line of scrimmage. Whether your name was Joseph Addai, Kenton Keith or even Luke Lawton, chances were you had a pretty good game on the ground. Very dominating performance.

Fletch lives. I've used this title a lot. But with Ben Utecht out, Bryan Fletcher brought a little instant offense with a couple of questions. I love all the Colts' tight ends, but I'm sometimes befuddled as to why the Horseshoes stick with Utecht when Fletcher tends to be the big-play guy.

This week on Dallas...Dallas Clark had another solid week. Another two touchdown catches. The dude's a machine, and I think he's been Manning's favorite target this season. I also loved how the Colts moved him around...on the line, in the slot, even split out wide! Yep, I saw a formation with Clark split out right, Harrison in the slot, and Reggie Wayne to the left. No matter who covered him (safeties, linebackers, corners), he was open and able to make a big catch.

Productive but not prolific. We've seen Peyton light up the Broncos time and time again. This time, he was productive, but didn't put up eye-popping numbers. The Colts have been so firmly ingrained in the Broncos' heads, that it reminds me of how the Patriots seemed to have the Colts' number for years (that curse is now broken, thank goodness). But the Colts have dominated the Broncos...even embarrassed them...time and time again. Whether it's the playoffs or the regular season, the Broncos can't seem to beat Indy. You'd think Mike "the Mastermind" Shanahan would've figured something out by now. It's just matter what they do...the Colts do it better. This game was set up, run, run, control the clock, keep Manning off the field.'s 14-13 at halftime. Amazing.

Super subs. Very nice performances put in today by a variety of backups, whether you're talking about Matt Giordano, Kenton Keith, Aaron Moorehead, or Rocky Boiman. With injuries, the Colts proved they actually have a lot of depth. If some of those injuries turn out to be serious, then they're really going to need to call in the reserves.

Ugoh, I go. One thing Tony Ugoh's got going for him: even if he's not a mountain of a man like Tarik Glenn, he brings a lot to the table. Loved seeing him and Jeff Saturday running 20 yards downfield to block the Broncos. Simply awesome.

Booing Brandon. Did the boo birds come out for Brandon Stokley? C'mon Colts fans! I mean, yeah, he's not with the Colts anymore. But it's not like he went for the money. In fact, the Colts cut him! So give him a break.

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