Thursday, February 28, 2008

DVD Collection Part 16

Mission: Impossible

Rating: 85

Plot summary: Impossible Mission Force Agent Ethan Hunt gets set up on a mission...and nearly his whole team is wiped out, except for the beautiful Claire Phelps and (we come to find out later) Jim Phelps, Hunt's IMF leader. With the world set against him and a major conspiracy afoot, Hunt must team up with other rogue agents to clear his name...and sell the legendary "NOC" list, which matches secret agents with their not-so-secret names. Double-crosses, mind-bending developments, cool gadgets, and explosive gum all culminate in an exciting finale aboard a high-speed train.

Favorite Quote 1: "My team! My team is dead!"
Favorite Quote 2: "Red light. Green light!"
Favorite Quote 3: "I'm gonna miss bein' disreputable."
Favorite Quote 4: "You've never seen me very upset."

Odd acquistion story: I bought this first Mission: Impossible movie during an on-line DVD sale on Best Buy's website. When I got it...I was disappointed. I didn't realize it was non-anamorphic widescreen. Not impossible to watch...just not as pretty as a lot of my other DVDs. Then, Mission: Impossible III came out, and Paramount reissued the first one in a new "special edition." I didn't buy it immediately, but I eventually found it on sale at Barnes & Noble during one of their "buy 2 DVDs, get one free" sale.

Lingering questions: Why do they have to try to be "hip" in movies with techno-jargon that will inevitably become outdated within weeks? I'm specifically referring to the point about midway through, where Ving Rhames' character references advanced "686 prototypes with artificial intelligence RISC chip." Obviously, he never conceived of the duel or quad-core processors! Why isn't Henry Czerny (Kittridge) in more movies? That guy is awesome! The only other thing I can remember seeing him in was Clear and Present Danger. I'm actually kind of pumped. My wife and I have rented The Tudors on DVD...and according to IMDB, Henry Czerny is in the series. Excellent! Why do they make DVDs with those stupid side tabs? I'm sure it has to do with anti-theft...but it sure is annoying!

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