Monday, February 11, 2008

DVD Collection Part 5

The Mummy Returns

Rating: 70

Plot summary: Rick O'Connell returns, this time with Evie as his wife. Actually, pretty much everyone is back from the first film, except for poor Beni, who we all presume got his comeuppance via those cute little flesh-eating scarabs. This time around, a cult brings Imhotep back to life so he can control the Scorpion King (or something like that). Evie has dreams of being an Egyptian princess, her son Alex has some sort of mystical bracelet. There's fighting, some sort of dirigible, and a lot of really, really bad CGI. That's right...we know what the Rock is cooking...really, really fake and rubbery CGI. Yet, you can't help but love it. Oh, and there's something about an invincible army of darkness. I think.

Favorite Quote: You know, a couple of years ago, this would have seemed really strange to me.

Why it's in my collection: Hey, an uninteresting as it sounds, I own The Mummy. I'm kind of a completist sometimes (selectively, as you'll find as we go through this grand experiment), so I figured I'd just go ahead and buy The Mummy Returns. I remember going to see this with a friend and then hitting Steak n' Shake afterwards. We had a pretty good time picking the flick apart...we were especially amused by the way the film played up the Rock...when in fact he was in it for like five minutes...and three of those minutes involved a computer-generated Rock as a half-man, half-scorpion.

Odd acquisition story: Hmmm...I think I saw one of those sales on Best Buy's website in which they try to liquidate a bunch of nearly new releases. Sometimes they'll do like 2 DVDs for $15 or something like that. This was just one of the ones I picked. Yeah, that's really interesting, isn't it? Earth shattering, right?

Lingering questions: What the heck happened in this movie? Why are they making a third one? Why was Imhotep able to return with his powers?

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