Sunday, April 27, 2008

DVD Collection Parts 34 & 35


Rating: 79

Plot summary: A group of U.S. sailors takes over a German submarine, hoping to gain access to Enigma, the German's system for encrypting messages. If the U.S. can gain access to the system, it would give the Americans the edge by giving them access to the Nazi's intel. Bon Jovi stars (but sadly doesn't sing) and Jack Parkman makes an appearance! So loosely based on a true story, that it spawned an international backlash! And Matthew McConaughey actually keeps his shirt on!

Favorite Quote 1: "I can't read it! Everything's in German!"
Favorite Quote 2: "You're the skipper now. And the skipper always knows what to do whether he does or not."

Acquisition story: I wanted a movie that would help my surround sound system soar. With a ton of depth charges, U-571 doesn't disappoint.

Lingering questions: Why did the movie studio have to change the story to make the Americans heroes? While the Enigma machine was captured, it was done by a British force. You'll find a subtitle at the end of the movie stating this. Can't the Brits be heroes, too? Also, one of my favorite lines ("everything's in German!") comes from Harvey Keitel, who sounds so indignant and surprised that the writing on a German u-boat would actually be in German. The line was in the trailer for the film; it cracks me up every time!

Saving Silverman

Rating: 83

Plot summary: When Darren Silverman meets a control-freak of a woman, his best friends J.D. and Wayne do their best to derail it. After their attempts to break off the relationship fail, they fake the woman's death and kidnap her so that Darren can reunite with his long-time love. Thankfully, Neil Diamond is here to save the day? What? Neil Diamond? Oh yeah...Darren, J.D., and Wayne are all HUGE Neil Diamond fans who play in a Neil Diamond tribute band (Diamonds in the Rough). Also around to help, R. Lee Ermey as the trio's old high school football coach. Yes, they actually made this movie.

Favorite Quote 1: "Neil, I want to party with you!"
Favorite Quote 2: "Love on the rocks, ain't no surprise."
Favorite Quote 3: "Come on Neil! Turn on your heartlight!"
Favorite Quote 4: "My hat goes off to you, you boys are smart. That's the perfect crime."
Favorite Quote 5: "Sportsmanship! Sportsmanship! Sportsmanship!"
Favorite Quote 6: "Nice to meet you, Mr. Diamond."
Favorite Quote 7: "Die replacement friends! Eat this, fake Wayne!"
Favorite Quote 8: "Comin'-ah-yeah-haw!"

Acquisition story: This movie became one of my favorite crappy comedies immediately after I saw it. One of my friends really liked it; another one didn't. We originally saw theatrical version, but later rented the R-rated cut. To tell you the truth, I found the theatrical version funnier in parts. So that's the one I bought!

Lingering questions: How did this movie ever get made? I have a best friend from high school who is also a Neil Diamond fan. However, the third part of our triumvirate (another friend from high school) is not a fan. If that third friend actually liked Neil D, would we have ended up like Wayne, J.D., and Darren?

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