Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to Cinnci-nasty

Out with the with the new.

Or at least out with David Grutza, who lead the high-power Cincy offense last season with his pocket presence, pin-point accuarcy, and cannon of right arm. Grutza also was listed as a key contributer to the growth of the Cincy RB committee.

Oh how times have Notre Dame transfer Demetris Jones has taken over the Cinncinati offense with mixed reviews. Unhappy with the Irish, Jones came to the Bearcats with speed and attitude, and had Cincy head coach Jeremy Dunn excited at the possibilities for the upcoming season. After finishing 12-1 in his first year with the team, Dunn was ready to rebound from his team's heart-breaking last second loss to Flordia State and move into the new season with a #11 ranking.

So far, the Jones' led offense is staring at a 1-3 record with a blowout loss to Oklahoma, a close win against the Boilermakers, and two losses (both turnovers on the goal line to win the game) against Texas and Pitt.

Against Oklahoma, Jones threw more picks than Van Halen...

Against Texas, Jones had a chance at redemption facing a 3rd and goal with time running out in the 4th quarter and a chance to win the game. Coach Dunn called a quick slant from the 1 yard line...and Jones lived up to his reputation...throwing a game-ending INT. To make matters worse, Cinncinatti found out after the loss that star RB John Goebel would be out for 3 weeks with a torn pectoral muscle...AS the result of a poor option decision by Jones in the 2nd quarter.

Against rival Pitt, Jones was put in a similar situation. 4th and Goal with a chance to tie the game with :07 left in the game. Dunn AGAIN, looks to give Jones a shot at redemption, but this time calls a QB sneak from the 2. Jones breaks thru the line, and gets put on his back faster than Madonna at a Yankees game....losing the ball. After the booth reviewed the ball, the ball never crossed the plain....and the Panthers hand Cincy back to back losses.

Now the Bearcats are watching any BCS hopes dwindle away with 3 losses and a tough Big East schedule on the way. Not to mention, matchups versus national ranked Notre Dame, USF, and South Carolina.

Coach Dunn has been pleased with the running game, until the loss of Goebel. Although, backup Isiah Pead has filled in nicely. Unfortunately, Dunn is still frustrated with his issues at QB.

"Demetris promised us great things when he transfered to Cinncinatti, but he has yet to live up to his word. All we heard was how awful Notre Dame was, and how worthless Charlie Wiess is, and how he liked the 'nightlife' in Cincy so much. So far, I think the only thing Cinncinatti has got since Demetris arrived has been a rise in alcohol and weapon citiations, drug use, strip club profits, and I might be wrong, but I think the kid is running an underground dog fighting circuit...." stated Coach Dunn.

The NCAA is investigating the University's recent dismisal of its dog-fighting courses from its elective class choices. The class was said to be a major reason Jones chose Cinncinatti as his transfer destination. He is said to be quite a Michael Vick fan.

The Bearcats look to get back on track against Jones' former team, Notre Dame, this week. Jones apparently told teammates he was so "hyped" for this game that he would play with more "X in his system than Sesame Street on a loop..."

The drug world in Cinncinatti can't wait as the expect a rise in their holiday profits....

On a side note, in an effort to post fan support and the local economy during this losing streak...the strip clubs and arms dealers of the Cinncinatti area are exploring a new promotional effort. The "Blow Hoes, Not Bros" campaign offers weapon-yielding fans to turn in their pieces at local Cincy strip clubs in exchange for a lapdance, Bearcats tickets, and an offical "I got a lapdance from the same girl Demetris did." t-shirt....

Stay tuned in following weeks for "Bring a Stripper to the Game" and "Cheerleaders Strip/Strippers Cheerlead" for a day promotions....

Welcome to Cinnci-nasty!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hey Obama! Part X

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Holiday wishes...

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Flying Trapeezius!

Please eat lots of turkey, don't argue with your family too much, and enjoy some football (yes, even if you're forced to watch the Lions...just remember, they're trying!).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boilermakers hold on for dramatic win

After blowing an embarrassing game against Cincinnati last week, the Boilermakers found redemption in a nail-biting 42-40 win against top-ranked Florida State.

It came despite the turnovers.

Despite the hostile crowd.

Despite the lack of a running game.

"We're a passing team, what can I say?" Coach Matt Adams asked rhetorically, brushing his trademark black Purdue ballcap. "We didn't commit to the running game because we've never committed to the running game. We tried the option a couple times, but they're too fast for that. Or (quarterback) Joey (Elliott) is too slow."

The game came down to an amazing finish packed with intrigue, drama, and gutsy decisions. After Florida State's Marcus Ball returned an Elliott interception 45 yards to give the Seminoles a 24-21 lead, Purdue surged back.

Elliott hit Aaron Reid on a fourth down play, culminating in a 53-yard touchdown that gave Purdue a tenuous 28-24 lead.

"Some saw that play as desperation or a lack of confidence in our defense," Elliott said. "But I saw it as a ringing endorsement that I'm capable of making plays when the game's on the line. That's what coach's call meant to me."

"He actually said that? I guess he didn't hear me curse another 'Elliott special.' That's what I call it when he throws a pick that gets returned for a touchdown," Adams said. Elliott has thrown three "pick six" passes in two games.

"If you want a critical turnover, Joey's your man," Adams chuckled, adding, "I'm just kidding. He didn't hear the fans chanting 'Siller, Siller, Siller,' last week (against Cincinnati)."

The Boilermakers couldn't have won this one without Elliott, who finished 19-26 for 23 yards and three touchdowns. He added two rushing touchdowns on top of that.

"You know, I look at what Curtis Painter did last year, and I want a shot at that Heisman," Elliott confessed. "I think my numbers speak for themselves. Nine touchdowns in two games. That's twelve if you count the three I gave to our opponents."

After Reid's 53-yard catch, Purdue capitalized on a rare miscue from Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder, who forced a throw into coverage. Veteran cornerback David Pender snatched the pass and returned it 70 yards. Just like that, Purdue had an 11-point lead.

"That sucked the air right out of the fans and the team," FSU Coach Blake Ebner confessed. "I mean, what the (expletive) was Ponder thinking on that one? I think he's been watching too much film of Elliott. It has to stop. That was a critical turnover."

Trailing in the fourth quarter, the Seminoles faced a fourth down decision of their own. Ponder made up for his earlier miscue, rolling past pressuring defenders to lace a clutch pass downfield for the first down. The drive resulted in a 41-yard touchdown pass to Corey Surency.

"It was a great play by Ponder, getting that first down. I know we lost this one, but that gave us a chance to stay in it. We couldn't afford to punt there," Ebner said.

The Seminoles added a two-point conversion to pull within three points, 35-32.

"We play to win. We play to win the game," Ebner said of the decision. "If we get it, we're down by a field goal; we don't get it, we're down by five. We kick the extra point, we're down by four. I'll take my chances."

With the game on the line, Elliott orchestrated a long drive all the way to FSU's two-yard line. He charged into the end zone on second and goal, scoring what proved to be the game-winning touchdown.

The drive almost wasn't to be. Purdue running back Dan Dierking went down hard in the backfield and fumbled. Florida State picked it up and returned it for a touchdown. The crowd went wild, the Seminoles took the lead, and Purdue looked flustered.

After an official review, the play was overturned and Purdue retained possession.

"Huge. Absolutely huge. I was trying to challenge that call but the officials weren't listening to me," Adams said. "Thank goodness they reviewed it. I thought it was obvious Danny was down."

Given a reprieve, Elliott capped off the drive with a one-yard QB sneak into the endzone.

"I think we should've milked the clock a little more, given them less time to work with," Adams said, shaking his head. "But I had confidence in my defense to get a stop."

Adams' confidence was rewarded with a lightning-quick drive from Florida State that made it 42-38. A two-point conversion brought the score to 42-40.

"That was a ballsy move, going for that two-point conversion. They don't grow 'em conservative in Seminole country, that's for sure," Adams said.

"(Expletive) yeah, we're going for two," Ebner said, his characteristic charisma shining through with yet another colorful metaphor. "We don't lay down and take it up the (expletive) under any (expletive) circumstances. Sometimes you just gotta say (expletive) it and show them who's the (expletive) boss."

Ebner called for an onside kick, which his team appeared to recover. But the officials ruled the ball didn't travel ten yards before Florida State touched it. Instead of possession and a chance to win the game, the Seminoles were flagged for illegal procedure.

Purdue mustered just enough of a running game to force Florida State to burn its timeouts. The clock-draining drive was aided by a 15-yard face mask penalty.

"Some tough breaks near the end, that's for sure," Ebner said. "But I give credit to the Boilermakers. They could've wilted at any moment but they kept pressing forward. I'll say the same thing about my team."


Florida State opened the game with a long drive to the one-yard line, but Purdue defenders held the Seminoles to a 21-yard field goal from Gabe Golston...Purdue controlled the clock for much of the game, ending with an 11:28-8:36 advantage in time of possession...the Boilermakers were 3-3 on fourth down conversions; two of those conversions were long touchdown passes...David Pender finished with four tackles, two tackles for loss, and an interception return for a TD...Gavin Roberts led the Boilermaker defense with nine tackles...Elliott's five touchdowns are a career high...neither the Boilermakers nor the Seminoles punted the ball.

Hey Obama! Part IX

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cats Win in Classic SEC Shootout

Athens, Georgia – This was the game that fans were waiting for. Touchdowns were a frequent occurrence in the 45 – 28 Kentucky victory over Georgia. This was the game that did not feature a punter for either team. This was a game that had UK’s opponent hang 376 yards of total offense on the Cats, and yet again this squad continues to win. The score does not reflect how close this game really was.

This game featured 2 lead changes and 3 ties. The Kentucky offense was challenged to take their skills to another level and responded with a score every time it had a possession. In reality, it had to score. The defense could not keep Georgia out of the endzone. “The defense made sure to keep the ball in front of them and we didn’t give up any big plays. Unfortunately we gave up quite a few short plays that resulted in quite a few points,” said Coach Fife.

Last week there were questions swirling around the leadership of Curtis Pulley. The questions were squashed this week. Pulley went 16-18 in passing with 267 yards, 3 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown, and 0 interceptions. “Coach told me to just go out there and play my game,” said an energetic Pulley. “Regarding controversy, there wasn't much. I have all the respect for Mike [Hartline] and the job he did while he was in there, and we have got each other’s backs.” As Pulley mentioned, Hartline did get some action and even led the Cats to a scoring drive.

Interceptions were the keys to Kentucky's victory. Winston Guy coming off the bench for an injured Chris Harrison had two interceptions, one was returned for a touchdown. "Winston will probably get more playing after a performance like that," said Fife. "Without those we'd still be out there playing."

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Don’t give Hartline the keys just yet

Nashville, Tennessee – A 56-10 drubbing of SEC bottom feeder Vanderbilt couldn’t keep controversy out of coach Fife’s locker-room. The controversy boils down to who will play quarterback this week against #16 Georgia. It seems Mike Hartline, a Redshirt junior and brother Ohio State wide receiver Brian Hartline, is putting the pressure on current starting quarterback Curtis Pulley.

It started with Pulley’s poor performance against arch-rival Louisville. Pulley was intercepted on the second play from scrimmage, which lead to a UL field goal, and then had a garbage time fumble that was returned for a UL touchdown. Coming into the Vandy game, most thought he was due for another huge performance as seen in the IU game. Pulley finished a measly 8-17 with 158 yards passing, 3 rushing touchdowns, no passing touchdowns, and 1 interception. With the game out of reach due to a punishing UK defense, Hartline entered the game and added 21 points of his own. Hartline finished the game 14-14 with 178 yards passing, 1 rushing touchdown, 2 passing touchdowns, and 0 interceptions.

“It’s way too early to tell,” said Coach Fife when asked about Hartline’s stats and status for the Georgia game. “I’ll have to admit that Mike opened my eyes, but it’s one thing to score in garbage time versus playing when the game is on the line.” It’s obvious that this could become a developing story when Fife added this, “Mike’s definitely an option going forward. He put those numbers up using the 2nd team offense on a 1st team defense. We’ll probably sprinkle him into some of our offensive packages and see how well he moves the team.” Coach Fife ended the weekly teleconference saying this, “Let me reiterate this, Curtis [Pulley] is still our starter. It’s his job to lose.”

No BCS Talk
The Cats are 3-0 and now have #19 ranking, but you won’t hear coach Fife mention the BCS. “Our goal is to get to, and win, the SEC championship. Anything beyond that is just gravy,” said Fife. He did, however, scrutinize the Cats current standings in the polls, “I’m not happy about our current rank. I truly believe that we’re better than most of the teams that have a better rank than us”, said Fife. “But I also think that it will work itself out in the next few weeks so I’m not too concerned at this time.”

Georgia Game Time
This week’s UK/UGA game will be picked up by ESPN and will have Brad Nessler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit call the game. The game is slated for Monday, November 24 with a kickoff time at 6:00pm (ET).

Sealed with a kick

If you're a Colts fan, you've got to feel a whole lot better about the way things are going. Finally, the team is getting some breaks. They made it through the toughest part of their schedule with a sterling 4-0 mark. In my initial look at that stretch, I figured the Colts would be fortunate to finish 2-2. Instead, they've beaten the Patriots, Steelers, Texans, and Chargers in consecutive games.

Sure, sure...I know what some people are saying. The Patriots don't have Tom Brady. That's definitely true, but the Pats remain tough. Matt Cassel has improved so much over the last few weeks. They are a formidable, tough-minded team. Beating the Steelers was huge...that's a very good football team and a terrific defense. Yet, the Colts managed to pull it off on the road. I won't dwell on the Texans...God bless 'em. The real key was beating the Chargers last night in San Diego. The Chargers aren't exactly the Colts' rival...they haven't played all that many meaningful games against each other...but they've been tough for Indy to beat. They have a lot of talent, and getting any win on the road is tough in the NFL. I think the Chargers can kiss their shot at the playoffs goodbye unless the Broncos completely implode (a distinct possibility when you're talking about a team that lost to Oakland). I was really proud of the Colts last night.

They got down early, they came back, they took control, almost lost control, and then made the plays when it mattered most. It was a nail-biter to be sure and San Diego put in a spirited least by Chargers standards. I was like just about everyone on that fourth and one play...I thought the Colts would sneak it, pick up the first down, and then go from there. Instead, they made a gutsy call with Peyton Manning ultimately hitting Marvin Harrison for a huge completion. Say what you want about Harrison, he made some big plays last night. His numbers weren't spectacular (six catches for 44 yards), but there were solid for the second week in a row. I think Manning is once again looking for ol' reliable in the passing game.

It's certainly good to see that. Actually, I thought the Colts showed a lot of intestinal fortitude last night, going for a goal line score on fourth down (and converting) along with that play near the end. I like the aggressive play calling and confidence they're showing on offense. Finally, a little bit of that swagger is back. Manning's (usually) getting a fair amount of time to throw the ball. And the running game is much improved from a few weeks ago. I was impressed how much Addai was involved in the game plan. He had 16 carries and seven catches. Those aren't eye-popping numbers exactly, but it seems like Addai hasn't been as involved lately.

Anthony Gonzalez had a stellar game. He was Mr. Third Down and almost broke the century mark in receiving yards. His touchdown was big. I would also be a real moron if I didn't mention the game-changing play of the game...Robert Mathis' strip of Philip Rivers (followed by Raheem Brock's recovery). That play gave the Colts momentum (and they capitalized on it, too). It was the Chargers' only turnover of the game, but wow...was it a big one!

Now, the Colts are 7-4. They don't have a realistic shot at winning the division (outside of an EPIC collapse by Tennessee that I don't foresee). They're in pretty good wild card territory and have a favorable (notice that I used the word "favorable" and not "easy") schedule to round out the season.

Finally, I have to mention Adam Vinatieri (hence the post's title, "Sealed with a kick"). After a lackluster performance last year at San Diego (and trust me, he wasn't the only player who put in a lackluster performance in that game), #4 came through with another huge kick. The good thing is Vinatieri's leg looks stronger than ever this year. There'd been chatter that he'd lost his range, but I think it's safe to say there's plenty of power left in the ol' cannon.

I do have some concerns about the team, however. I don't like the fact that Jeff Saturday left the game. Jamey Richard did a fine job as a fill in, but Saturday is the heart and soul of that line. If the Colts want to go deep into the playoffs, I think they're going to need his leadership. I'm also sick of the super-soft coverage we're seeing from the pass D, which gave up some gigantic plays last night. I still can't figure out why San Diego didn't do a better job of exploiting their wide receivers' height.

Ah, but a win is a win; especially when it's the fourth straight!

Hey Obama! Part VII

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Sunday, November 23, 2008


I want to thank Krildog and crew of The Flying Trapeezius for the invite and adding me as one of the new contributing bloggers. I will keep it an extent lol. Expect from me the following contributions if anyone even cares lol.

I will update in fashion on the Online Dynasty reports for our NCAA football league.

Newest Metal music and concerts of the area that I think fellow metalheads might be interested in.

Movies, when available...hopefully save you the time and money of a shitful flick lol.

Videogames, and relationship advice.......(i.e. DUMP THE B*TCH) lol j/k.

Again thanks for the invite.

- The Metal Maniac

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boilers let one slip away

Joey Elliott had the game in his hands.

Unfortunately, he had butterfingers.

With the game tied at 35 and 1:44 left on the clock, the Boilermakers looked in good position to drive for a game-winning score. His third pass of the drive was picked off.

"Just trying to hit Valentine on the slant," Elliott said. "DB made a nice play on it."

The interception was the second of the day for Elliott. He got another chance at redemption after Cincinnati scored the go-ahead touchdown with a little over 30 seconds to play.

Same player, same situation, same result: an interception.

Game over, Cincinnati 42, Purdue 35.

The turnovers marred what was otherwise a standout game for Elliott, who finished 26 of 31 for 359 yards and four touchdowns. He was efficient and guided a young but explosive Boilermaker offense.

"Yeah, I kind of wish Curtis Painter had been out there," Coach Matt Adams said. "I mean, sure, he threw a lot of balls up for grabs, but it was nothing like Elliott out there today. He was just lobbing balls out there for that team. Very, very disappointing."

"Don't you think what coach said was a little harsh?" Elliott replied. "I mean, I'm not Curtis Painter. Guys on my team actually like me! I just made a few bad decisions, tried to do too much. Besides, I'm not the one who blew a timeout because the kickoff unit wasn't on the field."

Painter referred to an inexplicable timeout taken by the Purdue staff with 38 seconds to play. It happened right before the Bearcats were ready to kick the ball to the Boilermakers following the go-ahead score.

"I'm not going to comment on that," Adams said.

The late-game fizzle obscured a nice comeback from the Boilers, who trailed in the first half before roaring back to a 35-28 lead in the third quarter. Freshman Anthony Kellner led Purdue receivers with six catches for 100 yards and a touchdown. Senior Waynelle Gravesande contributed some big kickoff returns and had two receptions for 83 yards, including a 67-yard touchdown.

For the defense, freshman linebackers Ryan Tyson and Michael Davis each finished with seven tackles. Davis also added an interception.

"I was really pleased with our play on defense at times," Adams said. "We got some stops when we needed them. And our offense put our defense in some terrible positions."

"I know it's a totally different team from last year," Cincinnati Coach Jeremy Dunn told reporters, "but you've got to feel good to beat the national champs. Especially after that drubbing we took last week. Purdue has a lot of young talent. They'll take better care of the ball and get it together, just watch. But to get a road win like's big for this football team."

"Anytime you get beat by a team led by Demetrius Jones, you can't feel good about your effort," Adams added. "I'll give that (John) Goebel kid some credit, he's a player."

Purdue didn't have any answer for Cincinnati's featured running back. He rushed 22 times for 107 yards and two touchdowns. He also caught six ball for 110 yards and two scores. He seemed unstoppable on the drive that tied the game.

"Four yards here, five yards there, three more yards, he totally gashed the defense on that drive," Adams said. "My hat goes off to him...but not to Demetrius Jones. I still can't believe a team led by that guy beat us."

"Jones played well," Dunn said. "I just hope he stays out of trouble. I think everyone knows Goebel's the guy you've got to watch."

The road doesn't get any easier for the Boilermakers. They take on #2 Florida State next week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Netflix Experience

Well, well...the NXE ("New Xbox Experience") seems to have launched without much of a problem. I installed the update last night, begrudgingly made an avatar, and then registered my Netflix account with my Xbox. Things seem to be working just fine, although I did experience a few errors while trying to browse through the Marketplace. Nothing really major...I'm sure they'll have things ironed out soon. Of course, I hope this isn't the case where five billion people get Xboxes for Christmas and then proceed to crash the system. That happened last times were had by all.

The feature that excited me most about the new dashboard interface was the Netflix integration. It's really a cool idea. You put some "watch instantly" movies in your Netflix queue (using your PC) and then those movies are available to watch on your Xbox. It's a relief to watch them on the TV instead of a small laptop monitor. I used the service today and had no problems watching National Treasure 2.

Ah, but there is one small thing. A few titles on my list didn't appear in "Watch Instantly." Currently, certain Columbia/Sony movies aren't "compatible" with the 360 service because they haven't "been licensed." Sounds like the makers of the PS3 are trying to "box" out 360 owners, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Anyway, Spider-Man 3 won't be available to watch via Netflix until a deal is made. But you'll still find Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and plenty of episodes of The Office via Netflix.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the Netflix service. It would be nice to browse titles on the box without having to use the computer and I'd like for there to be more movies available (although honestly, I can't wait to check out David Hasselhoff in Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD...oh's on there). I think both of those issues (Xbox browsing and more available titles) will be worked on.

Wildcats win ugly against the young Cardinals

Lexington, Kentucky – How can things change so drastically in year? The last time the Cats and Cards met it was an offensive slugfest, which was nothing like the 31-25 defensive struggle we saw this week. Don’t be fooled by the score, this wasn’t an offensive game by UK/UL standards. Kentucky, with a #22 ranking, came into this game thinking of hanging some huge numbers on the inexperienced Cardinals to exact some revenge from last year’s loss. “We’re at home, we’ve got a new offense, and experience players. I was ready to see that scoreboard light up in our favor,” said Coach Fife. “Hunter Cantwell shredded us last year in passing. I wasn’t about to let Louisville have repeat performance with their new starting quarterback.”
Last year the Cards beat UK handily, in what some considered being a minor upset. Part of it stemmed from the Louisville coach not even being on the sideline. “Yeah, that was a big pill for me to swallow. Coming into last year’s game, I felt we had a huge advantage with Coach Case literally being out of the country,” said Coach Fife. Out of the country is a bit of an understatement, the coach was on his honeymoon. “I gave the assistance the game plan before I headed off to Italy with my wife. They followed it to a ‘T’ and it obviously paid off.”

Too Many Turnovers

This year, coach Fife stressed defending the pass and not turning the ball over. His Cats got it halfway right. On the second play from scrimmage, Curtis Pulley was intercepted by Louisville which set them up for a 0-3 lead. After a UK touchdown the Cards had to settle for another field goal that made the score 7-6. “We really locked them down in the redzone. I’m proud of my defense for that,” said coach Fife.
“We knew coming in that this would be a tough one to win. Our game plan was really just to keep it close and then take our big shots at the end. This would give our new quarterback time to settle in and make the needed plays,” said coach Case. That new quarterback, Travis Clark, true freshman, made his second career start against the Cats. This was a big surprise to the UK coaching staff. “I was sure we would see Matt Simms in the game. He was a highly touted recruit a few years back and was shocked to not see him on the field.”
“I felt Travis gave us the best chance of winning”, said coach Case. Throughout the game, Clark was plagued by bad receiver play. “The receivers drop way too many balls. The drops came back to haunt us when we settled for field goals.”

Front Four Struggle

“We didn’t have a single sack against IU, we missed a field goal from about 30 plus yards, and we gave up some big plays for touchdowns. The one play 68 yard series to open the 2nd half was disturbing” said Coach Fife. “This game was no different; we gave Clark all day to throw.” UK will head back into practice working on schemes to disrupt the quarterback’s pocket presence.

Special Teams not a factor

Special teams did not come up big as compared to last week’s IU match up. The biggest play regarding special teams came from Kurtis Lanxter who caught an onside kick attempt from Louisville. “That was huge considering UL recover the previous attempt. Had they gotten that one too, the outcome of the game would have been very different,” said coach Fife. In other areas of special teams, the punter has yet to play this year for the Cats. The Cats have gone for it every time on fourth down this year. Part of it was because of ineffective recruiting in the punter position and the other part was because of 4th and short instances.

Execution Prevails for the Cats

The one thing that did go right was precise execution of ball control from the offense after the initial mistakes were made. “After the first interception, we went really conservative,” said Fife. “We made sure to throw short and run for gains. It worked and we squeaked out the win.” The win sets Kentucky’s record at 2-0 and will start SEC play next week when the Cats travel to Nashville to face Vanderbilt.

Hey Obama! Part V

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Second half shootout at Big Oil

Well, I'll tell you what...this was just one of those games you knew the Colts would find a way to win. They were moving the ball at will on the Texans but couldn't get it into the endzone in the first half. In the second half, they put on a veritable scoring bonanza, putting 24 points up on the board. The offense looked crisp, the Colts found a running game, Marvin Harrison made more than a cameo appearance, and the defense did just enough to get the "W."

Gotta tell you, when you're up by six points with less than two minutes left in the game and Sage Rosenfels is the other team's quarterback, you have to pretty much concede it's a done deal. There was no way Rosenfels was going to lead the Texans to a touchdown. If they'd needed a field goal, maybe he could do that. But not a touchdown.

I think the announcers said it time and time again...the Texans would be a formidable opponent if they could get good quarterback play. And as much as they've struggled from many standpoints, they've never had "the guy" under center to lead the way. They've got some terrific skill position players like Steve Slayton, Ahman Green, Owen Daniels, Andre Johnson, and Kevin Walter. Their line did a nice job, too. But they don't have "the guy" to lead them. I mean...did anyone seriously think Rosenfels would do anything on that last drive other than throw an interception? Really?

From a Colts standpoint, the offense looked a lot more like the offense I've watched over the last few seasons. the second half, at least. The first half was typical of the Colts' season so far...too many drops and that sense of "almost" when it comes to making the big play. In the second half, the Colts took over, getting effective running from Joseph Addai (who finally looked like a duel-threat this week in the running and passing game) and Dominic Rhodes. The line was able to move the Texans off the ball and create some running room. Pass protection was very good, for the most part. And Marvin Harrison was very involved in the game, coming up with nine grabs for 77 yards and a really high-effort touchdown.

A lot of people have been on Harrison's case this year...and last week's performance against the Steelers did not speak well for #88. He just seemed out of it...disinterested. This week was a different story. It seemed like Marv had a little swagger to him. When he made a reception, the crowd cheered and it seemed to fire him up.

Addai has also garnered a lot of criticism lately. He's been ineffective overall in the running game. It also seems like he's been getting hurt a lot. In the first half, he dropped a couple of crucial passes. One of them was a drive killer. But he rebounded this week with a nice game, rushing for more than a hundred yards, reeling in four passes for 48 yards, and scoring two touchdowns. It was the same Addai who electrified the Colts during his rookie season. Of all the things the Colts did during this game, that was the one that excited me the most. Being able to open some running lanes and get the backs involved in the passing game makes the offense a lot more dangerous.

Of course, not everything the Colts did was terrific. The third down play before their final field goal was a disaster. The Texans also had moments where they able to run and run and run again on the Colts. The big play from Slayton was an exercise in poor positioning and the inability to get off a block. Slayton had a lot of running room for most of the game.

Then there was Tony Ugoh, who had one of the worst two-minute drills in the history of football. A holding penalty, a tripping penalty, and a false start nullified some big plays and cost the Colts some precious time. He had a hard time with Mario Williams...certainly one of the league's best. As a Colts fan, I guess that's how other teams feel when Dwight Freeney is on his game. Like Freeney, Williams can be unstoppable. He's fast, strong, and has a lot of good moves. It must get in an offensive lineman's head.

Still, when it came down to it...the Colts made the plays when they needed to, securing the win and continuing their dominance of the Texans. Manning passed for more than 300 yards, Addai and Rhodes both found some running room (they averaged about 4.5 yards/carry), and the Colts' receivers had plenty of opportunities to make plays. Heck, even a coach's challenge went their way for once. While they didn't score a touchdown on their final meaningful offensive possession, challenging a terrible spot on Marvin Harrison's catch allowed the Colts to keep the clock churning. I also have to mention that Melvin Bullitt came up with a game-sealing interception for the second week in a row. Gotta say...I love that guy!

The Colts stand 6-4, have won three straight (Manning has seven TDs and zero interceptions in that span), and are in the thick of the playoff hunt. They'll need to continue their stellar play if they hope to earn a Wild Card spot.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey Obama!

Whether you're red or blue, conservative or liberal, love him or hate him...Barack Obama will soon become the new President of the United States. When he won his dramatic victory, many in the country were moved. Many others were ready to move to Canada.

You can't deny that Obama has a lot to live up to. I fear too many people think he'll wave a magic want and fix everything...that change on the national level is an immediate thing like changing shirts. That's not the way it works, no matter who's in charge. As I watched the events of election night, I began thinking of these massive expectations, wondering what people would say to the President-Elect. Today, I'd like to introduce something simply called, "Hey Obama!"

I'm imagining what advice some of my favorite movie characters would offer to the soon-to-be most powerful man in the world. There are ten images I've created and I'll release one every weekday until they're all displayed. Please enjoy!

Here's the first one...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Purdue releases schedule, unaware Curtis Painter graduated

Graphic designers made a major blunder when they assembled Purdue's schedule for the upcoming football season.

A huge image of Curtis Painter looms over the list of this year's opponents.

Just don't expect Painter to play in many of those games.

He graduated.

"Um, well, I didn't realize that," graphic artist James "Jimmy Jayz" Johnson said. "I thought Painter was back again this season. I guess I don't follow the team as closely as I should."

"I can't fault him too much," Head Football Coach Matt Adams said. "You probably won't recognize many faces this season. We've got 35 freshman. I imagine if the art department went through photos from last season, they wouldn't find many of guys actually on the roster. You just have to laugh at it."

The athletic department printed and sent hundreds of thousands of copies of the schedule to businesses and alumni across the state and country. Administrators deemed it too expensive to recall the schedules.

"It's a tough enough schedule as it is," Adams said with a laugh. "It's even harder when the fans show up expecting a Heisman runner up at quarterback."

Colts come up big

Well, I've got to tell you...I didn't think the Colts would be able to pull this one off. Sure, they beat a depleted New England team last week. That game was at home in front of a national audience. The Colts are usually at their best in those games (the season opener is an exception, of course). This time, they had to win on the road in Pittsburgh against a very talented and tough Steelers team. It just seemed like it would be a tall order.

But I think the Colts' luck might be changing. Why do I say that? Well, just look at the tipped ball that Reggie Wayne turned into a 65-yard touchdown. Was that a fluke? Of course it was! But in a season that's been so atypical of my beloved team, that little bit of luck was a much-needed rarity. Sure, the same glaring problems reared their ugly heads, but overall...this was an effort to be proud of.

The defense played pretty stout football. With an exception or two, they seemed to be on their game. Nearly everyone contributed something...from Antoine Bethea on a blitz to Keiwan Ratliff on an interception to Eric Foster with the play of the game to Bob Sanders with a key batted ball to Dwight Freeney with two big-time back-to-back plays. I really like what I saw from the "D," and I didn't even mention Tim Jennings, Matt Giordano, or Gary Brackett in my last run on sentence. Finally, the defense made plays when it needed to...something that's been missing all season long. Of course, it wasn't all perfect...still too many third down conversions for my taste...but I haven't been able to remember a recent game in which the defense made several game-defining plays.

If I gave out gameballs, they would go to Ratliff and Foster. Ratliff's interception was THE momentum-changing play of the game. It allowed the Colts to score a touchdown late in the first half to keep it close. Heck, even if the team had settled for a field goal there, it would've been a big pick me up. Foster's stuffing of Mewelde Moore was unexpected. It was a heck of a play. Double-teamed, Foster got up off the ground and dropped Moore for a loss. After seeing the defense give up two relatively easy rushing TDs earlier in the game, that was huge. It changed the game dramatically. If the Colts give up a TD there, the offense may score a game-tying touchdown. But instead of needing a TD to win, the Steelers would've needed just a field goal. It's impossible to overstate how big Foster's play was.

Offensively, it was a maddening mix of excellent and subpar. The Colts couldn't run the ball against the stout Pittsburgh defense. Yet, in a couple of key moments, they managed to get a good gain. They even managed to convert a couple of third and short situations. I thought Dominic Rhodes looked tough this week. He runs hard and had a big-time pass reception. I'm not sure what's going on with Addai...but suddenly, he's starting to live up to his draft day reputation. Many analysts wondered how he would survive the NFL schedule, since he was part of a stable of running backs at LSU. To me, it seems like Addai is always hurt. When he gets in the game, he dances around a little too much. He still had a nice catch and a good run or two. He was also very good at picking up the blitz.

The offensive line is getting it together. They gave up two sacks in close proximity to each other, but for the most part, they gave Peyton Manning enough time to go through his progressions. He didn't always find a receiver (the Steelers had excellent coverage), but he had enough time (usually) to be patient. On a side seemed like there were 15 players out on the field for Pittsburgh. It's amazing when a team can blitz a few guys and still shore up the coverage. They should be commended for that.

One thing I've heard a lot from fans and columnists is the decline of Marvin Harrison. No doubt about it, Marv had a terrible game. He dropped a touchdown pass (even though it was going to be a tough one) and barely made an effort to catch a deep ball when he was wide open. I don't know if his body's giving out on him or if he's not happy with his role in the offense or what. But the guy wearing the #88 jersey right now isn't Marvin Harrison. It's hard to figure out. He certainly had some opportunities and he made a couple of big catches, but couldn't come up huge when his team needed him.

Reggie Wayne seems to have rebounded from the terrible game at Green Bay. He's definitely Manning's go-to guy. Manning forced a couple of balls to Wayne (and a couple to Dallas Clark as well). Fortunately, Reggie showed why he's one of the league's best. He stuck with the plays and showed great hands and concentration. When a guy makes plays like that, I can understand why you'd just chuck it in his direction and hope for the best.

Manning continues to get better. He didn't have a high completion percentage (just over 50%), but that's okay. Most of the times, if there wasn't anything there, he didn't try to force it. I saw a lot of throwaways against Pittsburgh. While it's not all that exciting, it prevented him from giving the ball back to the Steelers. If the Colts played this game a few seasons ago, I think Manning throws a couple of picks (and he still came perilously close a couple of times) because he forces something that isn't there. He avoided that trap this week.

Of course, it would be remiss for me to fail to mention Ben Roethlisberger and his grace under fire. He was in a giving mood, throwing three interceptions.

Friday, November 07, 2008

UK Wins Game 1 in IU/UK Thriller

Lexington, Kentucky - The 2009-2010 college football season was was kicked off with a classic 52 - 38 thriller between IU and UK. It was key win for the Wildcats. The IU/UK rivalry was renewed last year inadvertently with the Capital One Bowl. "I think this is a great game to have on the schedule every year", said Coach Fife. IU's coach, Jason Sims, was in total agreement. "Even before the [Capital One] bowl game I was in preliminary talks with Coach Fife to renew the rivalry."

In years past IU, UK, and other football fans alike were treated to high octane, high stakes football matchups. On many occasions the winner would go on to the BCS National Championship Game. On a couple of occasions, the BCS National Championship Game brought the rematch between the two teams.

Those games have not been forgotten: the final drive lead by Shane Boyd for the go ahead field goal in the final seconds of the 2004-2005 season, the revenge of QB Jason Sims and WR Matt Rauch the very next year to steal a back to back victory from UK. "That was when we ran out of time on the goal line. That was tough to swallow. The one-two punch they had was just deadly. I'll never forget that", said Coach Fife.

And then there was the infamous "Goal Line Walk". When UK was down by 3 points to IU in the final minute and UK quarterback Kelly Fife threw an 82 yard bomb to his wideout for the winning touchdown. The controversy came as the wideout reached the goal line. With 40 seconds left in the game the wideout walked parallel with goal line instead of entering the end zone which shaved off 8 seconds. Coach Fife called it strategy; Coach Krilich (who attended the game) called it unnecessary. "It was blatant. I don't care what he says. It was uncalled for to go across the goal line like that. You know what, if that [expletive] got pulled on me, he'd have another physical confrontation on his hands and I'm not talking about football!"

"Yeah I still feel horrible about that. I had my wide receiver slow down and go along the goal line to burn more time off the clock. Coach Sims' offense is lethal. Everyone knows that I didn't want to give him any extra opportunity. Unfortunately it came off as some sort of showboat; swing my [explicative] around move. I'm just glad Coach Sims and I have mended that fence."

The "Bloody Toe" incident was another classic. UK, holding a 13 point lead on IU, decided to do throw one last heave to the end zone before the end of the first half the national championship. The decision paid off with a 59 yard touchdown pass. Coach Sims, enraged by the misscommication of receiver assignments, threw his headset down spun in a circle three times and then just came short of punching a TV monitor that was near the IU bench. Incredibly, Coach Sims cut his toe and it started to bleed. "To this day, I still don't know how that happened. I was so frustrated with my secondary and was about to let them have it when all of a sudden I noticed my toe was bleeding."

The latest game between these two teams did not prove to be any less exciting. IU coming in with a preseason ranking of #19 was poised for some Capital One Bowl revenge. "We were playing great in the [Capital One] bowl game last year until Kellen [Lewis] got injured. I felt with him healthy, UK wouldn't be able to stop the option attack." The biggest visible difference was the absence of Heisman Runner Up Marcus Thigpen. "We definitely miss him and it showed tonight." IU's running game, still very strong with the option attack, could not keep control of the game for the Hoosiers.

"We got into a position where Kellen was forced to throw too often. It haunted us a bit", said Coach Sims. And he was right. Lewis threw 4 picks in the game. Paul Warford intercepted Lewis 2 times and each one was crucial. Warford also intercepted Lewis a third time but it was called back because of a roughing the passer penalty. "Warford played on hell of a 'Welcome Back' game", said Coach Fife. Warford, who was academically ineligible a year ago, sat out last season via redshirt. "I knew going into the season Warford would be a force, but he exceeded my expectations tonight". Besides his two interceptions, he was second on the team with 7 tackles.

That wasn't the only new addition to UK. True freshman Chris Hall made a huge splash with a 70 touchdown catch. "We promised him significant playing time this year, and he repaid us with a touchdown that we desperately needed. I think he'll flourish in this new offense." Coach Fife ripped out the Rich Brooks offense after the season ended. "We were too one dimensional. If we couldn't get the ball to Dicky Lyons then the offense sputtered then died, and we couldn't rely on the running game most of the season." Curtis Pulley threw for a career high 368 yards. "It felt good", said Pulley. "I felt in the groove most of the game and our receivers ran crisp routes all night." Pulley threw for 2 touchdowns and ran for 3 more.

It was turnovers that doomed the Hoosiers. 4 interceptions to UK's 1 fumble. After the 4th interception Coach Fife heard the banshee-like scream come from Coach Sims on the other sideline. "I'd do that too! If I had three turnovers in a game with an opportunity to still win only to have another interception, you'd probably see more do more than scream. I guarantee that it would have come down to who had the ball last if it wasn't for the turnovers. They made some very big 4th down conversions. They played well and have nothing to be ashamed about", said Fife.

"Next year we go to their place. The last time that happened we got trounced. I'm positive they'll be looking forward to that", said Coach Fife. It's obvious that will be another great game to see.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Questions abound for defending champs

We stand on the brink of the dawn of the new college football season.

But some Purdue fans won't even recognize their own team.

"It's kind of like the beginning of Major League," Coach Matt Adams admits. "I can almost see those groundskeepers standing around saying how (expletive) this team looks."

Adams is referring to the massive turnover concerning several key positions. Quarterback Curtis Painter, who finished third in the Heisman race, graduated.

Running back Kory Sheets is gone. His backup is gone.

Wide receivers Brandon Whittington, Greg Orton, and Desmond Tardy are gone.

The only returning starter among running backs is fullback Frank Halliburton. While Halliburton was terrific last season, he's no Kory Sheets. Senior tight end Kyle Adams returns as well.

"I think that's why we pressed in some games toward the end of the year," Adams said. "I made some decisions, some risky decisions on going for it on fourth down because I knew the opportunity wouldn't last until next season. We had such talent and experience...if we didn't win it last year, it would be a while. We'll get there again in the future, but last season was a special opportunity."

On the positive side, Adams recruited what some are calling the best class in the history of Purdue football.

"I knew the offseason was going to be busy," Adams said. "But it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. We got several commitments before the season ended. That made life a lot easier. When you've got a good team and your players are playing well, kids get excited about your program. Winning is the best recruiting tool of them all."

Purdue's biggest question is what to do at quarterback. Joey Elliott returns for his final year of eligibility. The fifth year senior came through in key situations last season when Painter was hurt.

"I like Joey. He's been waiting in the wings. I'd feel like a jerk if I didn't name him the starter right away. Guess I'll have to be a jerk...I just can't hand him the job," Adams lamented.

Next on the roster is Jeff Panfil, a 6'5", 226-pound redshirt junior. He didn't play a snap at quarterback for the Boilers last season.

"The thing about Panfil...well...he has 'terrific in practice' written all over him. I don't want to rob the guy of his confidence...but I just see him cracking under the pressure."

The next likely candidate is Justin Siller. A redshirt sophomore, he's tantalized the Purdue staff with his work in the offseason.

"Elliott and Panfil, they're pocket guys," Adams said. "Siller gives us a little something different. Maybe we'll have a special package for him or something. We didn't play him much last year because he was a freshman. I think if Curtis had struggled more, we probably would have (played him more)."

At running back, sophomore Dan Dierking finds himself at the top of the depth chart. But expect freshmen Chuck Bonner and Tyson Haas to contribute as well.

"The thing we lack in the backfield is breakaway speed. We've got a bunch of pounders this year. That wasn't the case last year. All our backs are power guys. I've been impressed with Haas. That's why I stole him from Indiana," Adams said.

The coach was referring to the bitter recruiting war over Haas involving Purdue and Indiana. It looked like the Hoosiers would seal the coveted recruit, but Adams had other ideas.

"Saw a lot of film from that kid. And he comes from the rough and tumble streets of Gary, so you know he's tough. Couldn't stand to let him go to IU. Sure, we lose lots of recruits to those Cream and Crimson dandies, but this was one I wasn't going to lose."

Adams says to expect intrigue when it comes to the wide receiver position.

"I'd expect intrigue when it comes to the wide receiver position," Adams confirmed. "We've got three four-star guys coming up this season. They're learning the offense pretty quickly. We're keeping things fairly simple to start, but we'll open it up by the third or fourth game. Two of those guys are burners."

Adams referred to Anthony Kellner (Villa Rica, Ga.) and Aaron Reid (Brinkley, Ark.). Both four-star recruits show the ability to stretch the defense.

"Big-time speed from both of them. You can bet on that."

However, the undisputed "get" of the recruiting class is freshman Luke Campbell (Lancaster, S.C.). He holds every single high school receiving record in his home state.

"He's got the best hands you'll ever see," Adams boasted. "He makes the kind of catches you see every week from (Indianapolis Colts wide receiver) Reggie Wayne. He doesn't have the pure speed of the other two, but he's quick and has good acceleration."

While freshmen lead the way, two upperclassmen may also have an impact on the offense. Senior Aaron Valentine brings experience to the receiving corps. He's the only receiver on the roster with significant game experience.

"Aaron is poised for a big year," Adams said. "Haven't figured out whether to split him wide or put him in the slot, where he played last year. I'm still working on that."

Junior Waynelle Gravesande may also play a role.

"He's got one of the best names in college football. If there was an all-name team, he'd be on it," Adams said with a smile.

Of the skill positions, tight end is the most experienced. Senior Kyle Adams played in every single game last season.

"Kyle is going to be Mr. Dependable. He's going to have to be! He came through so many times last year. He could be a finalist for whatever award it is they give to tight ends in this league."

After Adams, it's nothing but freshman. Jordan Brewer is a big target at 6'6". But Adams' face lights up when he talks about redshirt freshman Arsenio Curry, a 6'5" converted wide receiver.

"We have so many freshman receivers coming in this year, I asked Curry to switch. He's a little light at 216 pounds, but he's going to be a nightmare for defenses. Think Dustin Keller. Think Jacob Tamme. Once this kid gets up to speed, he'll be a monster. He's light going into this year, and I want him to get a little bigger. But I don't want him to get too big."

The Boilermakers will hoist their National Championship banner at a rally prior to kickoff at their first game of the season. Their schedule isn't yet finalized.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Colts survive Patriots

Colts-Patriots games are almost always entertaining. This is universally true depending on whether you're on the winning or losing side. Playoff games in 2003 and 2004 were not entertaining for Colts fans. The AFC Championship game in 2006 was not entertaining for Patriots fans. Yet, last year's matchup, which both teams entered undefeated, was entertaining all the way around.

This was the kind of game we saw last night. The Colts, desperately trying to keep their playoff heartbeat ticking, needed to win. The Patriots, without Mr. All World Tom Brady, had a shot to grab sole possession of their division lead with a victory. Half the Patriots team seems to be injured...from running backs to defensive backs. But as much as I hate to admit it, Hoodie & Co. do a great job of utilizing their talent and coming up with a solid game plan.

It's funny, even in this season of punchless offense, teams are still afraid of the Indianapolis Colts. It must be the personnel because it sure as heck isn't the execution! Peyton Manning is routinely off on deep balls he usually completes in his sleep and the running game has rushed off into the Phantom Zone with General Zod. There's just nothing there! Defensively, the Colts scare absolutely no one. They can't stop the shotgun draw when EVERYONE IN THE STADIUM AND WATCHING ON TV knows it's coming. They can't get teams off the field on third down, whether it's third and inches or third and nine. Honestly, it doesn't matter if the other team passes or runs...there's a good chance that third down will be converted.

Of course, the Patriots aren't immune to some mediocrity in their own right. While their run defense remained stout as ever, the Colts were very effective in the passing game. Anthony Gonzalez looked very good...heck, just about everyone made a big catch, from Gonzo to Marvin Harrison to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. New England provided no threat when it came to the deep ball (of course, when the Pats tried, they saw the ball go through a receiver's hands, only to get kicked around). I realize the Patriots didn't take too many shots downfield (something I think a lot of people are wondering about...since the Colts definitely had the JV team out there in terms of cornerbacks). And when you don't have Tom Brady under center, the game changes a lot, although Matt Cassel did an all right job last night.

What we saw was a titanic struggle between two teams that have lost some of their former luster. This simply isn't the kind of Colts team we're used to seeing. Now that we're halfway through the season, I'm not sure if this ballclub will be able to get it together on time. I've certainly seen flashes...but they've been fleeting and inconsistent. Concurrently, the Patriots squad wasn't what we've come to expect either. There was absolutely no explosiveness from that team...although I know that was part of Hoodie's strategy last night.

It's funny: usually, Belichick is given credit for outcoaching everyone, for being a genius. And while I'll save my thoughts on that for another writing for some future time, the genius out-geniused himself, and cost his team dearly. Why on earth would you throw a challenge flag on a "12 men on the field" penalty so early in the second half? It wasn't a game critical moment! As Al Michaels and John Madden said last night...timeouts are VERY precious in the second half. To blow one like that was foolish. What's even more astounding is that the Colts stopped the run with ten guys on the field on that particular play.

Then, Hoodie did something that will make for a lot of bellyaching among Pats fans. On fourth and one, his team appeared to have a first down. Well, New England would've had one...if Belichick hadn't run down the sidelines like a raving lunatic so he could chicken out and take the field goal. When did the Patriots lose their brass balls? When did Belichick become such a pansy? The Colts weren't going to get a stop on fourth and short like that. I don't buy Hoodie's explanation about the spot of the ball. It seemed (unfortunately) like the kind of coaching decision the Colts have been making lately.

Those two plays cost the Patriots two timeouts. Those would surely have come in handy as the Colts ran out the clock, leading by just a field goal.

Now, I have to admit something. I think there's a cosmic reason the Colts won this game. It has to do with my choice of food for the game. My wife picked up Wendy's...and I enjoyed a delicious flavor-dipped BBQ chicken sandwich, fries, and a Coke. What does that have to do with anything? Well, here's the founder of Wendy's, the late, great Dave Thomas.The man sure knows how to make a fine burger. And his value menu...classic. I think Dave Thomas may have been a Colts fan...because he certainly isn't a Patriots one.

Why, you ask?

During a critical moment in the game, the Patriots beat themselves. The guilty party was David Thomas. See? See?This dude made it his duty to help the Colts win. It happened after BenJarvis Green-Ellis came up a yard short on a second down run. After the play, Thomas, no doubt hopped up on some kind of Frosty high, cleared out Robert Mathis right in front of an official. This was well after the whistle had blown. Instead of third and one, the Patriots faced third and 16. They were out of field goal range and had to go for a desperation throw on fourth and 15. This was a key moment in the the Colts the chance to run out the clock. All they needed, really, was one first down. They got that and proceeded to watch the clock wind down.

See where those Patriot timeouts would've come in real handy?

I know the Colts are down this year and many people aren't too bummed about it. When you're at the top, everyone's gunning for you. When you're down, everyone enjoys kicking you. So that's what I'm doing to the Patriots, I suppose. My dislike of that franchise and coach runs so deep and's nice to see them screw up like that...mostly because it almost never happens.