Monday, December 15, 2008

Common Sense in the Logic Department and the Human Response.

Ok readers, Dr. Metal Maniac PhD is going to bend your minds a little bit...or should I go nostalgic and take the Dr. Mindbender route!? I digress to the point.

The THESIS: " Logic, Common Sense, and the Human Response"

The CONCLUSION: "Logic = for the few, Common Sense = Absent like Sanscrit, Human Response = "Fuck it, What Do I Care"


I believe that in the last 5 years, we as a human race have been devolving from a higher status. The common logic now is that there isnt any thought to action because our sense of responsibilities and the facets that would hold us to accountability, has been taken away. Example, knock someone up, your life's not over, get an abortion, new start. Yet have a car accident with a pregnant woman (who may be getting such abortion but hasnt), and you could be held to involuntary manslaughter if she loses the baby, and serve a nice term.


The Holiday season...the new release of a "Highly Anticipated Video Game Release". Walmart, on Black Friday, the masses herd to a door like a bunch of pot-heads at a Ticketmaster Booth for a Cheech and Chong concert in the heyday. Door opens, and the guy who opens the door, is now trampled because of a SALE. My ass doesnt go NEAR a shopping center on Black Friday. Thats just as bad as going to a Casino and actually thinking you're going to get food at the Buffet because the Seniors are going to clear it out and spend the pension money at an all-day sl0t-fest, not to mention (INSERT DISCLAIMER TO THE OPINIONS OF METAL MANIAC DO NOT REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THE OTHER FLYING TRAPEEZIUS CONTRIBUTORS HERE) the "blacks" and the "chinamen" that wont let ya bust into their dedicated Roulette and Blackjack games. Don't believe me? Go try it, I'm serious!

Now the Videogame anticipated releases, reserve your you can stroll calmly to the counter, give all the idiots who didnt reserve the deserved "Krildog 1-fingered Salute" pick up your copy and go home to play the new game until the sun comes up and even call off work. TRUE STORY, DONT NERD-HERD someone to get the copy of HALO 3!!!! (A student while I graced Univeristy of Phoenix Online called in to cancel their appointment because their father was tranpled and had some messed up vertebre from a Nerd-Herd).

We stress education in our lives, but it seems like going to get your education only matters if you want to make money, however you may or may not lead the "good life", but isnt it comforting to know, that we'll all be "spreading the wealth" so some lazy ass person can "GET PAID" to buy more shit that will not make them any better off, just continue draining socitey and the upstanding people. My cure for the whole situation....let natural selection handle it, or take a page from Queensryche and start OPERATION MINDCRIME!

That is all, class dismissed.

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