Monday, December 15, 2008

UK wins "Battle of the Cats" but lose Pulley; championship season in jeopardy!

Lexington, Kentucky – The University of Kentucky football team has won the battles but could easily lose the war. After blowing out #4th ranked Clemson 45 - 14 with both a punishing defense and offense, Kentucky football was on top of the world. That next week they made the biggest jump in AP Top 25 Polling history by going from #12 to #3 in a single week, and Curtis Pulley propelled himself as the front runner for the Heisman Trophy.

But even this week’s 37 - 10 victory over the LSU Tigers couldn’t change the somber mood of the Kentucky faithful. Curtis Pulley, Heisman frontrunner and offensive dynamo, broke his elbow and will be out for 6 agonizing weeks.

Heisman chance – Out the door

Player of the year – Out the door

1st team All American – Out the door

Pulley vs. Tennessee – Out the door

Volunteer nation exploded in jubilation as the news was heard during a halftime announcement in the trouncing of Georgia 41 to 14. “Hell yeah I’m excited,” said an enthusiastic Coach Chris Barrett who firmly secured his hat to his head. “I mean, that dude [Pulley] really (expletive deleted) us off last year. And I mean REALLY (expletive deleted) us off.”

Coach Fife tried to calm the panicked waters by reiterating that team play has gotten them this far. “Nothing has changed. We win with all of the players on the field. Losing Curtis is a blow but this is a great opportunity for us to get better without him.” Offensive coordinator Jamie DeBurger was not so optimistic. “All of our offensive schemes will have to change,” said DeBurger. “It was based on Curtis [Pulley]’s arm and legs! Pass protection must get better. This is no good, no good tonight at all.”

Coach Fife took one from the president’s playbook by stating numerous times to “stay the course” and “winning these battles will take time.” Time, ironically, is the key word here. Mike Hartline, Pulley’s backup, had none of that versus LSU. Hartline was sacked an unacceptable six times. “Mike [Hartline] must have time to throw,” said Fife. “Our weakness at offensive line will really be exposed for the next six weeks.” Hartline had three interceptions in the win over LSU. Coach Fife also stated that Will Fidler is the emergency quaterback if Hartline were to be injured.

Championship Defense

Kentucky’s defense continues to terrorize quarterbacks. Paul Warford has 6 interceptions in the last two games. He leads the team in interceptions and is 2nd in tackles. “Paul has been simply amazing,” said Fife. “I never fathomed he’d make this big of an impact.” “We a going to simply have to rely much more on defense until our offense can catch up, and in the meantime, our offense cannot make critical turnovers.”

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