Monday, April 27, 2009

Pete's Hammer issues 6, 7, & 8

It wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. That's what the Boilermakers are thinking after a hard-fought game in Columbus against #7 ranked Ohio State. It's always tough to play at the Big Horseshoe...and this game was no exception. QB Kelechi Potts has been red-hot of late...but the Buckeyes forced two key interceptions that kept the game close. This one wasn't over until senior defensive captain Chris Carlino picked off a pass from Terrell Prior, leading to a short touchdown run from backup running back Brian Coe. Potts finished with 387 yards passing and three touchdowns. Anthony Kellner had seven grabs for 105 yards. Sophomore receiver Sheldon Barnes caught four passes for 51 yards and two scores. The game also saw star running back Dan Dierking go down with an injury.A deathly silenced filled Ross-Aide stadium in the second quarter, when quarterback Kelechi Potts rolled left, unloaded, and then got whacked by an Illinois defender. The blow knocked him out of the game for several plays. No matter...juco transfer Caleb Terbush led the Boilermakers to a scoring drive, connecting on all six of his passes for 67 yards and capping it all off with a touchdown scramble. When Potts returned, he devastated the Illini "defense," going 26-33 for 486 yards and six touchdowns. He also added four carries for 52 yards and a touchdown. As usual, Anthony Kellner was Potts' favorite target, reeling in eight balls for 200 yards and two scores. Tight end Aaron Reid also got in on the action, finishing with nine receptions for 162 yards. T. Miller led the defense with nine tackles and defensive captain Chris Carlino had another solid game with seven tackles and two tackles for loss. Another Big Ten opponent entered Ross-Aide stadium only to find itself decked in the face by the rising Boilermaker juggernaut. Quarterback Kelechi Potts added a few more "Pete's Hammers" to his helmet, going 30-42 for 422 yards and five touchdowns. Brian Coe had a nice game in relief of injured running back Dan Dierking, carrying 14 times for 90 yards and a score. Coe also caught four passes for 30 yards. Mr. Amazing Anthony Kellner torched MSU with ten catches for 231 yards and two touchdowns. Defensively, the Boilermakers forced four fumbles, recovering two of them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pete's Hammer 4 and 5

After a heartbreaking loss on the road in Michigan, the Boilermakers traveled to Tallahassee for a showdown with the Florida Seminoles. The Boilermakers were their own worst enemy, committing five turnovers. Four of those were interceptions from quarterback Kelechi Potts, who had his worst game as Purdue's signal caller. The Boilermakers trailed 24-7 in the third quarter until a couple of turnovers from Florida State made things interesting. Purdue could not capitalize, leaving too many plays and points on the field. They lost 31-14, their lowest point total of the season. It's their second consecutive loss.
The Northwestern Wildcats never want to see Anthony Kellner again. The junior wide receiver single-handedly victimized Northwestern's defense in Purdue's 57-34 win at Ross-Aide stadium. Kellner grabbed ten passes for 268 yards and five touchdowns, including a long 60-yard grab. His touchdown catches were from 18 yards, 30 yards, 31 yards, 50 yards and 60 yards.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pete's Hammer Issue 3

After throwing three interceptions in the first half, including one right at the goaline, sophomore quarterback Kelechi Potts engineered a dramatic comeback that saw Purdue take a 35-31 lead over host Michigan with just over two minutes to play. The Boilermaker defense, however, was not up to the task, allowing Michigan to score on a QB sneak with just six seconds remaining. The touchdown spoiled a feel-good comeback that saw Purdue rally from a 21-0 first quarter deficit, only to tie it up at halftime. Potts threw for more than 400 yards and finished with five total touchdowns. However, timely running and a propensity for making just enough plays propelled Michigan to a heart-breaking 38-35 victory.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Introducing "Pete's Hammer"

Follow the Fake Purdue Boilermakers all season long as they battle for the Big Ten title! The Boilers are currently 4-0 and ranked #3 in the country, led by surprisingly effective quarterback Kelechi Potts (everyone calls him "Kel" for short). The diminutive 5'11" quarterback currently has 20 touchdowns and two interceptions. But Purdue faces two major challenges back-to-back: Michigan and Florida State. Here are their last two games in brief:

In his first Big Ten road game, Potts was 25-33 for 374 yards and five touchdowns. He did throw a bad pick early in the game before overcoming the Metrodome crowd. Dan Dierking carried 13 times for 56 yards and a touchdown. The ever-amazing Anthony Kellner hauled in six passes for 105 yards and a touchdown. Kawann Short and Gavin Roberts led the defense with six tackles each.
Potts was impressive in his first home Big Ten game, going 23-30 for 332 yards and six touchdowns. Dierking carried 21 times for 82 yards and caught three passes for 34 yards. Luke Campbell had a breakout game, reeling in six catches for 74 yards and two touchdowns. Kellner grabbed five balls for 102 yards and a score. He has caught for at least 100 yards in three straight games. Tony Miller had eight tackles on the defensive side of the ball.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The horror...the horror...

I've heard things about "The Wicker Man."

Bad things.

Awful things.

"Worst movie ever" things.

After seeing a truncated version of it on F/X this morning, I must conclude that all these things are true. And this is coming from a guy who MISSED the bee scene, a supposed penultimate moment of big screen campy craptasticness.

I'm not sure when I came to this conclusion. It could've been when the main chief lady, painted up like William Wallace, led her followers in the chant of "Kill the drone! Kill the drone!"

It could've been when Nic Cage's character (I won't even bother to find out the character's name, because Nic Cage is playing Nic Cage in this he's been doing in EVERY movie he's been in lately), clearly defeated by some strange girl-power cult, frantically spat out "BITCHES!" while they prepared him for ritual sacrifice.

Or it could've been two seconds later when Nic Cage was being brought forth to his "destiny" and screamed, "Oh my legs!"

All I could think of was "Austin Powers," when Will Ferrell's Mustafa yelled, "You shot me! You shot me right in the arm!"

It is horrible, this "Wicker Man" movie. I've tainted the internet by even writing this.

The horror...the horror.

Tuesday Streak Update

Current Streak: Won 5

Longest Win Streak: 5

Wins This Month: 5

Overall Picks: 5-2-1 (.714)

I ended up having to make an audible on my second pick last night. I didn't make it to the computer to pick the hockey game, so I took the Angels over the A's instead so I still had 2 picks on the day. Vlad and crew came through to the tune of 3-0 and putting my Opening Day record at 2-0 thanks to the Mets. For the record, Dead Wings ended up winning 4-1, so I would have continued the streak either way. A nice feeling to have, indeed.

Here's today's matchups. I'm taking the White Sox for my first pick today. That's my baseball team of choice and it's the home opener, so I feel very inclined to do so. Hopefully, the game doesn't get snowed out again (they were supposed to play yesterday). Then, I'm going to switch to the NBA and take the Hawks over Toronto. If I have time to pick again, I'm thinking about taking St. Louis over Phoenix in an NHL nightcap. Shooting for a triple play today, let's see if I can pull it off...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Streaking through the weekend

Current Streak: Won 3

Longest Win Streak: 3

Wins This Month: 3

Overall Picks: 3-2-1 (.600)

Now, this is a little more like it! Starting to make some progress here. Thursday I ended up breaking even at 1-1-1. Golf got cancelled due to bad weather (counts as a push), Penn State basketball managed to draw my ire twice in a 72 hour span by beating Baylor. However, Melo and the Nuggets managed to redeem my day by holding off the Jazz 114-104. I ended up making one pick on Friday and took the Spurs over the Pacers. San Antonio held Granger and crew off in a 126-121 barn burner. I ended up not making any picks on Saturday. That ended up being a good thing, since I was high on both 'Nova and UConn. Sunday, I was back on the NBA beat and took the Pacers to beat OKC, which ended up with another win for me to the tune of 117-99.

Here's today's matchups. Since it is Opening Day, there's a lot of baseball on the slate, as well as soccer and hockey. There's some basketball game you may have heard of as well, but I'm staying away from that one. I think UNC is going to win, but I would rather Sparty pull off the upset. Going to pick a baseball game and a hockey game, instead.

I'm taking the Mets over the Reds since the Reds are young and talented but still suck. Good chance this game doesn't get played because of the lousy weather we here in the Midwest are being subjected to (White Sox already had to push today's opener back to tomorrow due to snow).

Then later on, I'm taking the Dead Wings over the Sabres. Picking this one based off of records alone (Detroit: 50-19-9; Buffalo: 38-31-9). However, Buffalo still has an outside shot at the playoffs and Detroit is shooting for the Presidents' Trophy, which they trail San Jose (by 6) and Boston (by 4) with 4 games remaining. Probably not going to happen, but both sides having a stake in something should make for an intense game.

Stay warm, kids. Should be an exciting night!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Streak: Day 2

Current Streak: Lost 1

Longest Win Streak: 0

Wins This Month: 0

Overall Picks: 0-1-0

Not a good start to this round. Pistons sucked and AI is beginning his rebellion against coming off the bench. And just to spite me, both teams exceeded the 90 point barrier to boot. Oh well. It's a marathon and not a sprint, anyways.

Here's today's matchups. A lot of action to be had during the day today on through the night. I'll be making 2 -3 picks today and try and get a positive streak going. Going to go with the crowd and take Davis Love III to have a lower front 9 over Romero. Then, I'm taking Baylor over Penn State in the NIT. Why? Because Penn State beat Notre Dame in the semifinals, so fuck them. I'm taking Denver over Utah in the nightcap. I really would like to pick Utah for this game, but they have lost 5 out of their last 6 on the road (only win being at lowly OKC) and the Nuggets are torching the nets averaging 110 ppg on 52.3% shooting during their winning streak. Plus, Denver has a playoff spot secured, but what seed they will get is still up in the air (second and seventh seeds are separated by 2.5 games). Quite the tight race out West. Nothing would please me more than going 3-0 today, and I feel good about my chances. Hopefully, it'll happen.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We're Going Streaking!

Not that kind of streaking, you pervs. I'm talking about ESPN's Streak For The Cash game! I started casually playing it about a month and a half ago for kicks and have found it to be quite enjoyable and a good way to keep my interest in games that don't involve my favorite teams. Basically, it's like gambling, but you don't have bookies trying to break your legs. All of the thrills, none of the consequences!

Anyways. ESPN is starting their third round of the game (check the rules here) and has raised the stakes. I figure since I'm gonna throw my hat into the ring anyways, why not drag the faithful TFT readers along for the ride? Join me as I seek fame and fortune in what may be the laziest way possible!

ESPN has reset all streaks and records to 0, and I foolishly forgot to record my progress elsewhere since I did not know they were doing this (I had a winning % of about .530 and my longest streak was only 2 or 3), so I'll be starting from scratch as well. So looking at the big board:

Current Streak: 0
Longest Win Streak: 0
Wins This Month: 0
Overall Picks: 0-0-0

Here's today's matchups (8 on the board):

Now, I suck at picking soccer games. I suck badly. Mainly because I know nothing about the teams and the players. Occasionally, I'll get the wild inclination to pick one because I'm on a bad losing streak and need to bust the slump. So, that takes those 3 off the board for today since I want to get off to a good start here. The Siberian Premiership II game is a great matchup, though!

I'm going to DQ the McDonald's All American Game as well since I know jack shit about high school basketball. I am kinda tempted to pick the West since 93% like the East, but I don't like that pick enough to make it my first one of the round. So, that leaves me with 2 NHL and 2 NBA games to pick from, and they are all just simple pick the winner ones to boot.

Since I'm not making a soccer pick and I have plans tonight, it looks like I'll only be making one pick for this evening. Taking the Pistons over the Nets in New Jersey. Make no mistake, this is going to be a dogshit ugly game that might struggle to break 90. Both teams are banged up and near the bottom of the East, but the Pistons are still in the hunt for the playoffs. No Sheed, but AI is pissed about his lack of playing time (he only got 18 minutes off the bench in his first game back after a 16 game absence), so I'm thinking now is as good a time as any for him to go off. Guess we will find out...