Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We're Going Streaking!

Not that kind of streaking, you pervs. I'm talking about ESPN's Streak For The Cash game! I started casually playing it about a month and a half ago for kicks and have found it to be quite enjoyable and a good way to keep my interest in games that don't involve my favorite teams. Basically, it's like gambling, but you don't have bookies trying to break your legs. All of the thrills, none of the consequences!

Anyways. ESPN is starting their third round of the game (check the rules here) and has raised the stakes. I figure since I'm gonna throw my hat into the ring anyways, why not drag the faithful TFT readers along for the ride? Join me as I seek fame and fortune in what may be the laziest way possible!

ESPN has reset all streaks and records to 0, and I foolishly forgot to record my progress elsewhere since I did not know they were doing this (I had a winning % of about .530 and my longest streak was only 2 or 3), so I'll be starting from scratch as well. So looking at the big board:

Current Streak: 0
Longest Win Streak: 0
Wins This Month: 0
Overall Picks: 0-0-0

Here's today's matchups (8 on the board):

Now, I suck at picking soccer games. I suck badly. Mainly because I know nothing about the teams and the players. Occasionally, I'll get the wild inclination to pick one because I'm on a bad losing streak and need to bust the slump. So, that takes those 3 off the board for today since I want to get off to a good start here. The Siberian Premiership II game is a great matchup, though!

I'm going to DQ the McDonald's All American Game as well since I know jack shit about high school basketball. I am kinda tempted to pick the West since 93% like the East, but I don't like that pick enough to make it my first one of the round. So, that leaves me with 2 NHL and 2 NBA games to pick from, and they are all just simple pick the winner ones to boot.

Since I'm not making a soccer pick and I have plans tonight, it looks like I'll only be making one pick for this evening. Taking the Pistons over the Nets in New Jersey. Make no mistake, this is going to be a dogshit ugly game that might struggle to break 90. Both teams are banged up and near the bottom of the East, but the Pistons are still in the hunt for the playoffs. No Sheed, but AI is pissed about his lack of playing time (he only got 18 minutes off the bench in his first game back after a 16 game absence), so I'm thinking now is as good a time as any for him to go off. Guess we will find out...

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