Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ed Reed's (Unofficially) Awesome Day

Unofficially, Ed Reed intercepted Peyton Manning twice, both times at the Ravens' 35-yard-line. Officially, Reed had a single interception, but managed to pull off something spectacular: the rare feat of turning an interception into a fumble that gave the other team a first down.

In fact, Reed's picks in the third quarter were more beneficial to the Colts than his own defense; they gave Indianapolis two first downs and actually led to a Colts field goal. The first takeaway looked like it would turn momentum in favor of the Baltimore Ravens. Instead, Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon hustled back and knocked the ball loose, striking a blow for Colts fans and Haiti in a play both team-oriented and nationalistic all at once. A pass interference call negated the second pick, despite Reed's heroic 54-yard return.

Reed ended up (unofficially) with 92 interception return yards, although only 38 of those yards counted (officially), and even those yards were negated (realistically) by contributing to a first down for the Colts. Oh, and a field goal.

So today, we salute you, Ed Reed. You gained more yards on the ground than Ray Rice (unofficially) and also helped the other team score three points, which matched your team's total for the day. It can be said that Ed Reed outplayed his own team in almost every conceivable manner.

Unofficially, of course.

20-3, baby! (that's official)

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