Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Super Anthology!

For whatever reason, I've been taken with the idea of writing some short stories. Many of my ideas have had the theme of superheroes and supervillains. So, I thought...why not write an anthology? And of course that sparked another idea: why not throw together a crappy, amateur cover for the imaginary anthology? After that, why not throw up capsule synopses of the imaginary stories in your imaginary anthology?

(some of these are draft summaries, others are completed shouldn't be difficult to figure out which is which)

I Took Over the World for This? Evil Dementius finally did it, ridding the world of all opposition and positioning himself as Baron-Count-Lord-President-Sir-Supreme Leader-Emperor of the World. After all the struggles, all the failed plots, he's vanquished his arch-enemy and set himself up for the spoils of victory. But winning isn't everything it's cracked up to be as the nations of the world that have submitted to his wrath start begging for things like food, money, and health care. Their increasingly desperate demands leave Dementius asking himself one question: I took over the world for this? 

The Villain The final battle between Blue Avenger and his nemesis Heckler commences in dramatic fashion inside a dusty warehouse as the hero's beloved city burns to the ground. The Blue Avenger endures a physical pummeling from his foe, his thoughts tracing the chaotic events that intertwined their destinies forever, culminating in a climactic decision that blurs the line between hero and villain.

In Memoriam A rain-soaked day brings mourners to Winchester Park as Clinton Abernathy Warner aka "The Wraith" is laid to rest. Allies, family members, and even the hero's bitter enemy gather to recount their memories of the fallen champion. And all witness a puzzling sight as the memorial service comes to a close.

The Washout Former supervillain Darren toils as a laborer at a local RV dealership, where he washes motor homes. It's part of his "new" life in the government's secret relocation program for "depowered" bad guys. But Darren hasn't quite removed himself from the world of supervillainy just yet, especially when one of the superheroes who put him away shows up at the dealership to buy a brand-new RV...

The Stuntman Hoping to land the lead role in the movie based on his life story, a superhero tries to convince movie executives he's the only man for the job. But when they decide to hire a high-profile Hollywood star instead, the superhero reluctantly takes the only part the movie studio will offer him: the main character's stunt double.

The Amazing, Distinguished Gentleman After spending a lifetime saving the world and fighting supervillains, a superhero hangs up his cape and tights and makes a run for public office. He endures a campaign full of mud-slinging, but finally succeeds in his ultimate goal of becoming a member of Congress. He quickly realizes that the supervillains he battled before are no match for the evils of Capitol Hill.

The Journalist A newspaper reporter hot on the trail of a masked mystery man pieces together the hero's secret identity. When he approaches the hero at a bar, the reporter asks for a single favor. In return, he promises the skeptical hero his secret will remain safe.

The Pitch A retired supervillain who penned his life story pitches his book to a skeptical group of publishing executives, finding his various plots to take over the world pale in comparison to the struggle to see his work in print.

Hanging On His glory days well behind him, a Golden Age hero travels from city to city for superhero conventions that give him the chance to relive his glory days and tell his story to generations of younger Americans. Frustrated with his fading powers and growing waistline, he pounces on the opportunity for one last heroic act.

Cash-Strapped Sidekick After severing ties with his superhero mentor, a modestly-powered sidekick finds himself in trouble of getting kicked out of his apartment and struggling to juggle his dual identity. Forced to swallow his pride, he contacts his former mentor and asks for help, with surprising consequences.

Shepard shops at Big Lots and so should you!

I posted this during a Photoshop contest on Kotaku with the theme of what video game characters do in tough times. It didn't make the Top 20 entries, but I'm proud of it and thought I'd post it here. Lord knows we could use more posts...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Injury Keeps "Perfect Strangers" on bench

Due to an unforeseen injury to Cousin Larry, this year's Perfect Strangers Forecast has been cancelled. Both Cousin Larry and Balki Bartokomous would like to thank Krildog for keeping things alive during the NCAA Tournament, one of our favorite times of year on TFT.

What is the Perfect Strangers Forecast?

Read up, schmuck!

Round 1, Day 2 Tourney Picks

Yesterday's Record: 10-6
Overall Record: 10-6

It was quite the amazing day of hoops yesterday, my friends. Four overtimes. The first four games of the day decided by a combined total of 12 points. A MAC school from Athens, Ohio shocking the world and upsetting the mighty Hoyas. Butler stoming back in the second half to kick some Miner ass. Notre Dame collapsing like a house of cards in the first round...again...damn it. I swear, they do this to me every fucking year. It was just like the West Virginia game from the Big East tourney. The Irish came out in the second half unable to adjust to the zone defense the other team threw at them. And what the hell happened to Harangody? *slams head into desk* Anyways, I applaud them for making a good enough run without their top dog to make it into the tourney.

Now concerning your brackets, don't panic. Upsets happen and nobody is perfect. Hell, if you listened to my dumb ass you still got almost 63% of your picks right yesterday. As long as your Final Four and Elite Eight are still intact, you are doing ok. Most of my losing picks I had slated to lose tomorrow, anyways (the only one I did not was Georgetown, who I had losing in the Sweet Sixteen). Sure, it sucks losing out on easy points, but you can make it up in the long run as long as your remaining teams can make a deep run. Now, on to today's picks:

West Virginia over Morgan State
Xavier over Minnesota
Cornell over Temple - Upset Special
Siena over Purdue
Missouri over Clemson
Pitt over Oakland
Wisconsin over Wofford
Utah State over Texas A&M
Gonzaga over Florida State
Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State
Michigan State over New Mexico State
Duke over Arkansas - Pine Bluff
Syracuse over Vermont
Ohio State over UC - Santa Barbara
Maryland over Houston
Louisville over Cal

Gambling-wise, I would've done ok had I bet. The day would not have started off well thanks to the failures of Florida and ND, but SDSU lost by less than 3.5 (though they didn't win), Northern Iowa/UNLV hit the over, and St. Mary's beat Richmond. As I noted above, I'm taking the Big Red of Cornell over Temple (-3.5) as my upset special. I'm also taking Siena over Purdue (-4.5) as well because I don't like how they have played since they have lost Hummel. I'd also bet Xavier (-1) over the Golden Gophers. Looks like we have another fun day of hoops ahead of us. Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 1 Tourney Picks

Hello, friends. Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. The next 4 days are filled with basketball awesomeness. Normally, we here at TFT have quite the blowout to celebrate, but unfortunately real life has prevented Studicus and I from our normal tourney activities (check the archives for some classic stuff during previous months of March). However, we're not going without anything being put up on these here Internets! I'll be posting my daily picks before the games start each day and will try and drop in during the day when I can with commentary and observations. Better than nothing, right? Anyways, here's my picks for today (in order of game times):

Florida over BYU
Notre Dame over Old Dominion
Villanova over Robert Morris
Vanderbilt over Murray State
Kansas State over North Texas
Baylor over Sam Houston
St. Mary's over Richmond
Butler over UTEP
Northern Iowa over UNLV
Kentucky over Eastern Tennessee State
Marquette over Washington
Georgetown over Ohio
Kansas over Lehigh
Wake Forest over Texas
New Mexico over Montana
San Diego State over Tennessee - Upset Special

For the degenerate gamblers out there, like myself, there are plenty of games to bet on, were you in a place it is legal. I'd parlay Florida (+5) and Notre Dame (-2.5) for an early start to the day. SDSU is a 3.5 point dog to the Vols and as noted before also my upset special of the day. I would be tempted to bet the over in the Northern Iowa/UNLV game as well, since it's only 114 and that just seems low to me. St. Mary's is a 2.5 point dog to Richmond and the Over/Under is 135, a ripe parlay situation to bet the over and pick the Gaels.
Well, that's all I have for now. We're a little over 3.5 hours from tip. Get those brackets in and enjoy the games!

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