Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Concerning Garcon's catch and hobbits

All right, I love the Colts. If you've seen my Facebook profile picture, you know this already.

Sunday night's win wasn't the prettiest game ever played. However, it did include one of the prettiest catches I've ever seen. Leave it to Pierre Garcon...Mr. "I Can't Handle the Ordinary" to reel in one heckuva beautiful grab. Now, I know this wasn't a postseason game or one with any great, life-altering outcome, but that was as beautiful as they come.
A catch so beautiful, it should be etched in stained glass at the new Church of Pierre.

This pure, unadulterated moment of football glory needs a name.

I've thought of a few:

1) The Stretch and Fetch
2) Hand of Glue
3) Hand of God
4) Wiping God's Teardrop (it was that beautiful)
5) Pierre-cal Miracle
6) Pierre's Mid-Air Snare
7) Garcon's No-Splatter Platter
8) Stickum Not Included
9) Check, Please!
10) And Heaven Wept

Just imagine how great he'd be if he started making the routine ones look routine. CLARIFYING NOTE: This one was not routine.

I watched the game on DVR (I was at work while the Colts were on and needed to see the game again for a more thorough analysis). And I'll be darned...I noticed something on the DVR that I didn't catch the first time I watched the game. Notice how Tom Moore seems unimpressed? With the zoom function on my Uverse box, I was able to actually SEE what Tom Moore was saying:

Ahem...Tom...get the team to convert on third and one without throwing the ball, and then I'LL be impressed.

I wasn't the only one to notice this awesome spectacle. Huffington Post, Yahoo! Sports, and Sports Grid all saw what I did: the best catch ever.

Of course, that wasn't the only spectacular grab.

Aaron Francisco's Game-Clinching Treat.

So, yeah, it wasn't pretty...although it had its miraculous moments. In addition to those great grabs, Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday were interviewed by a freaking hobbit. I have photographic evidence.

Peyton and Jeff: Don't let her touch your rings. Alternate joke: When did Cheri Oteri become a sideline reporter?

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