Thursday, November 25, 2010

TFT's Movie Quote of the Day - November 25

I hope we're all thankful for something today...after all, it is Thanksgiving. Please take ten seconds to think of how fortunate you are before gorging on turkey and stuffing and then heading off to stand in line at Best Buy.

I'm thankful for lots of stuff--like my family--and today's very special TFT Movie Quote of the Day, which comes from the 2003 film The Last Samurai. The movie tells the story of a Civil War veteran who goes to Japan to train the army to fight against the country's fearsome, honorable, and awesome Samurai. It's a clash of cultures in many ways--East vs. West, tradition vs. modernization, etc.--but Pre-Crazy-Tom Cruise-Era Tom Cruise is really good in this one. So is Ken Watanabe, an actor who needs to appear in more films.

They nailed the ending on this one. Japan's young emperor has just realized that many Samurai died at the hands of his soldiers, including Watanabe's incredible Katsumoto. The young man begins to understand that his people are losing their way and their culture. When Cruise's Nathan Algren presents the young emperor with Katsumoto's sword, the shaken leader makes a simple request: "Tell me how he died."

Cruise delivers a poignant, stirring reply:

"I will tell you how he lived."

So who's the Last Samurai? Ken Watanabe's character or Tom Cruise's? I love dual meanings!

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