Friday, December 17, 2010

Powers Anthology now available!

After successfully placing a story in the current issue of "A Thousand Faces," I was thrilled to learn another story of mine made it into an anthology...this one an actual, physical book that you can touch and feel and use as a doorstop!

If you click on the cover below, it'll take you to a place where you can buy the book. Of course, I would never ask anyone to do that.

The curious thing about the bookstore is that it doesn't tell you much about the anthology, at least not from what I can tell. You can find the table of contents here. My story, "The Stuntman," is listed second from the bottom.

"The Stuntman" introduces you to superhero extraordinaire Stan Kirkpatrick, who is elated when Hollywood decides to make a big-budget movie about his life. However, Stan soon finds out he won't be playing himself in the movie and is relegated to the role of stuntman. It's much more lighthearted than my last story, "In Memoriam."

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