Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TFT's Movie Quote of the Day - December 21

"White Christmas" is phenomenal. I've written about that before. While there's plenty of time for dancing and singing, the simple story of General Waverly warms the heart. The broken-down, old general, now owner of a less-than-successful inn, gets a reminder of how much he is admired--and yes, loved--by his former soldiers. It's all thanks to Bob Wallace and Phil Davis.

And you can't tell me their effort wasn't worth it...the look on General Waverly's face at the end is sure to put a lump in your throat and make sure those tear ducts are working.

"We'll follow the Old Man wherever he wants to go
Long as he wants to go opposite to the foe!

We'll stay with the Old Man wherever he wants to stay
Long as he stays away from the battle's fray!

Because we love him, we love him!
Especially when he keeps us on the ball!

And we'll tell the kiddies we answered duty's call
With the grandest son of a soldier of them all!"

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