Sunday, January 23, 2011

The NFC Title Game Postmortem

What I'll be doing at work when people try to discuss the game with me.

While the game ended up being exciting, the outcome sure sucked! My thoughts after letting them marinate for a few hours:
  • I want Jim Cornelison to perform the anthem at my office every day before I begin work.
  • Bears played an absolute terrible first half. I was amazed that they were not down by more than 14.
  • I thought Matt Forte had a hell of a game overall. Some nice runs (averaged 4.1 YPC) and did a good job in the pass game with 10 receptions on 15 targets. 27 touches and 160 total yards is a pretty nice day at the office.
  • That being said, I thought the Bears should have run the ball more...only 24 attempts on the day (Forte had 17 of them).
  • Why are they paying Chester Taylor all of this money and refusing to give him the ball? 4 touches (3 carries and a rec) for 14 yards. I know he's the backup and all, but he is a nice change of pace guy. Loved his running to convert the first on the 4th down.
  • Paging Greg Olsen...
  • The Bears WR corps still need an upgrade. That should be priority #2 for Angelo.
  • Priority #1 is fixing the OL. 
  • Aaron Rodgers did not impress me that much today overall. He's played better.
  • The Packer run game is still pretty bad.
  • At least my vaunted chicken casserole came out ok.
  • Todd Collins is still worthless.
Now the point comes where we talk about the Cutler situation. I, for one, believe that he was indeed too hurt to play. It may be a torn meniscus, or one of the tendons, but something is wrong with his knee far further than a bump or bruise. And I say this because I watched this guy get the sh!t beaten out of him on more than one occasion this season due to a shoddy OL, and he only sat out a game and a half. Why someone would come this far and then tap out without a good reason puzzles me. He told reporters he couldn't plant and throw. Well, if you can't plant and throw, you have no business being on the field. And look, I'm not one of Jay's biggest fans by any means, but he's still my team's QB. And when everyone from the head coach to Urlacher to Kreutz don't question how hurt he was, that's good enough for me. Apparently not good enough for a majority of the fanbase (based on what I was seeing on Twitter and Facebook), but that's their opinion.

Caleb Hanie had a hell of a game. Loved his mobility and thought he did a good job making reads and throws. He ran the hurry up very well, and it would have been a movie-quality comeback to see a third stringer with 8 career attempts come off the bench to take his team to the Super Bowl. I'd like to see him compete for the backup job next year against a veteran QB not named Todd Collins. TC can go bus tables at an IHOP in East St. Louis for all I care.

Whoever called the TO on third down at the end of the game needs to be fired. What a horrible way to break up the flow when your offense is rolling and the clock is already stopped anyways. And to add insult to injury, we then get to see a horsesh!t end around get stuffed for a loss that then leads to the clinching INT. I f*cking know that was not the play Martz was going to run originally. He's dumb, but he isn't that dumb. Or, is he?

PS - I'm real glad the Blackhawks decided to crap the bed to start my sports viewing day as well. I should have taken that as an omen.

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